Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Damned if you do...

Israel's Defense Minister approved (yesterday) the import of Lulavs from Gaza, due to a lulav shortage and fears of an emerging lulav "cartel" monopoly which hopes to gouge prices.

Yaakov Mergi, the Minister for Religious Affairs requested that Ehud Barak allow the imports, and he signed the approval immediately. He thanked Barak for his immediate response saying that the imports will "prevent the possibility of a [lulav] seller's cartel from taking advantage of the shortage at the expense of the consumer." NRG


We're stuck between supporting the Hamas Rocket Brigades and their supporters, and a greedy lulav mafia.

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realRightWinger said...

Perhaps, Hamas can fill the kassams with lulavim - it makes a good delivery mechanism (and speedy too)

Shmilda said...

Gee, do they have a source of esrogim down there too?

josh said...

There is supposed to be competition, but the prices for succot and 4 minim still have ridiculous profit margins.

I live in the city, so I have to pay 5 sheks for a palm leaf. They wanted 8 (as if the price goes up on these things that are essentially garbage to date growers and others.

Michael Lipkin said...

There was a time when there was only one set of Arba Minim for the community. Isn't it better that we should borrow than do business with Hamas?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Menachem: Isn't it better to hold by heter mechira (or not eat fruit vegetables at all) rather than do business with Hamas?

Michael Lipkin said...

Jameel: Yes, absolutely. My priority during Shmitta was Otzar Haaretz, Heter Mechira, and, if necessary, Nachri.

Here, if I knew for sure that the choice was between a lulav from Gaza and nothing, I would choose nothing. Likewise, if I knew for sure that the nachri produce I was using came from Gaza (most doesn't) then I would also avoid it.

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