Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Shabbat Elevator Debacle Continues

Never missing an opportunity to take a religious issue and paint it in the most ugly shades of hate possible, Haaretz provides the following daily cartoon:

The Haaretz English edition is more reserved (Could it be that its more reserved so as not to appear antisemitic in front of the whole planet? There are notable anti-religious exceptions like Bradley Burston, the translated articles from Gideon Levy, etc.)

Their English edition story about the Shabbat Elevator ruling brings reactions from residents at an Ultra Orthodox nursing home, and is far more newsworthy.
Tovei Ha'Ir residents have been using elevators on the Sabbath for years - this is the only way they can get from their rooms on the upper floors to the dining hall and synagogue.

One of the retirees, a Haredi man, barely concealed his sarcasm when he responded, "What changed suddenly? What was kosher until now is suddenly treyf?"

Another woman was releaved to hear the edict was issued by Rabbi Yosef Sholom Elyashiv, the head of the Lithuanian Haredi community.

"Lucky for me that he isn't my rabbi," she said. "I only follow the Gerrer rebbe," she said.

Residents were unanimous in their opposition.

This is an edict that will not work," one said. "If we all adhere to it, not only will we not leave our rooms on Shabbat, but life in places like Manhattan will come to a standstill."

Meanwhile, the Hareidim website brings an even more ridiculous angle. Citing an unnamed source, "close to R' Shalom Elyashiv" -- "the cartoon that was published in a secular newspaper shows the depth of their frustration that there are Jews willing to climb up the stairs for 12 floors, so as not to transgress the Shabbat."

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know that R' Elyashiv wore a shtreimel, but who expects accuracy in these things...

Seth said...

I don't see anything wrong with that cartoon, it accurately portrays the situation. At least as I see it.

Lurker said...

While Haaretz is an antisemitic newspaper, I'm afraid I have to agree with Seth on this one.

The only thing missing from the picture are the strings attached to R. Elyashiv's hands and feet, being manipulated by a bunch of askanim above him.

Nachum said...

Anonymous, he's an old Yerushalmi- they wear shtreimlach from Bar Mitzvah.

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