Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Pro-Israel"? That's just a matter of definition or exclusion.

JStreet has dropped the slogan "pro-Israel" from their campus slogans to avoid alienating students. What was the slogan doing there in the first place?

Ben-Ami, the head of JStreet said,
"We are here to redefine and expand the very concept of being pro-Israel."
A statement which needn't speak for itself, as they themselves explained it quite nicely.
"We don't want to isolate people because they don't feel quite so comfortable with [JS: being] pro-Israel," said one JStreet student activist.
All this explained itself in the activist training sessions, where one student expressed surprise when the
"session shifted from the advertised topic of countering divestment, to a discussion of how to effectively call for divestment from products made in settlements without a broader call for divestment from all of Israel."
So there you go. They sound exactly like a European or British labor union. No Antisemitism there.

Bradley Burston wrote an op-ed piece how JStreet supporters are all left-wing dovish lovers of Israel.
" J Street, the new dovish lobbying organization which describes itself as pro-Israel and pro-peace."
I guess someone should tell him that JStreet is no longer "pro-Israel" and their followers no longer need risk excommunication.

Another Burston article that can go in the trash.

In related new, Peace Now in considering removing the word "Peace" from their name to avoid alienating their Peace Partners. It will now just be called "NOW".

JStreet recently added "Brit Tzedek V'Shalom" under their umbrella list of grassroots "Peace" organizations. We expect that negotiations with the pro-Peace ISM (and the British labor union) are underway even as we write this.

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Jack Steiner said...

I am Pro-Martian. However in the interest of not upsetting the Venusians, Saturnites and denizens of Uranus I don't publicize it.

JoeSettler said...

Jack, men are from mars. What are you saying?

NormanF said...

I guess "pro-Israel" these days means being able to attack Eric Yoffie and Elie Wiesel. If you really identify with the Jewish State, J-Street doesn't want you to hang out with them. They've made it clear where they stand.

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