Sunday, October 25, 2009

Is your elevator under the Badatz?

I spent this Shabbat with a number of Chareidi relatives and was surprised that the conversation on Shabbat primarily centered around the Shabbat elevator - that is of course "Assur Gamur" - completely forbidden.

Apparently this is the only major topic the Hareidi newspapers have been talking about for the past few weeks.

That 3 out of the 4 Rabbis who have forbidden it in the recent ruling, have always forbidden it - and not because of technology reasons, but because it "cheapens the Shabbat" doesn't phase them.

Only Rav Elyashiv says there is a technical problem - based apparently on testimony of a local Bnei Brak elevator company.

On the other hand, Belze Chassidim say it is permitted to use a Shabbat elevator.

I'm not going to get into the technical discussion, and just make one observation, I bet that within a year there will be a Badatz certification for elevators.

The big sin here that the Askanim (the machers who have a finger in all the money pots) realized (when they created their ruckess and starting riling up their Rabbis) is that Tsiyoini institutions are making money on a "kashrut" certification, and their kashrut organizations aren't.

Call me cynical, but guaranteed that within a year, hotels in Israel will start having new Badatz certificates to satisfy their Chareidi clientelle, meanwhile their existing elevators won't require a single modification at all (other than applying the sticker).

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Michael Sedley said...

I think that you're 100% right.

Since this story broke a few weeks ago, I've been convinced that it is no more than a marketing ploy.

Unfortunate that in the interest of making a few bucks there are people who cheapen the value of Shabbat and the reputation of many Halachic authorities, and potentially disrupt the lives of thousands of people (particularly the sick and elderly) who rely on Shabbat elevators.

Lurker said...

...I bet that within a year there will be a Badatz certification for elevators.

I doubt it. And for the same reason that there aren't going to be any Badatz certifications for MBD concerts, or mixed-seating buses and sidewalks.

The Askanim puppetmasters who rule the haredi world through their pet "gedolim" aren't out to make anyone's lives easier. Quite the opposite.

JoeSettler said...


There are now Kosher certificates on wigs. I've seen stores with them in the window.

Lurker said...

JoeSettler: Why?
There are now Kosher certificates on wigs. I've seen stores with them in the window.

That's because this originated with a psak that banned wigs from India, but not all wigs. However, once there is a decision to ban something completely and without qualification, there is never any going back.

Humrot only accumulate, and never dissipate. Once a humra is established, it's here to stay.

For an example, just look at the evolution of the humra of kitniyot on Pesah. Over the years, the list of foods regarded as kitniyot has steadily expanded, far beyond those items listed by the rishonim who first wrote about this humra. And once an item is on that list, it never leaves.

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