Thursday, October 15, 2009

Turkish TV Responds to Allegations

TRT1's television producer Saljuk Trubanulad responded to the allegations mentioned in the previous post about their show.

"The show is not about IDF soldiers, we also wrote this in a warning that appeared on the screen at the beginning of the program,"

The first episode is the story of a "Palestinian" family living in the West Bank.

Ah-huh. So exactly which army is it in the West Bank? The Jordanians?

"...this show isn't about Israeli soldiers but rather about a specific group that is responsible for all the murders."

And who might that group be?

"These soldiers are not Israelis, we know the Israeli public does not justify the operation. It's just a small group of soldiers who murdered Muhammad al-Dura, the Palestinian boy."

Well now he's making sense. The riddle is unraveling.

Mohammed al-Dura was killed by Palestinian soldiers.

Saljuk says he's not talking about Israeli soldiers.

And we know that the only other soldiers in the West Bank are "Palestinian" soldiers.

The only logical conclusion is that these are Palestinian soldiers in the show massacring their own people.

That does make sense when you put his words in the right context.

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yoni r. said...

You can't take a few lines out of context and then claims to be "[putting] his words in the right context".

Anonymous said...


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JoeSettler said...

yoni: There is no right context to his words. I'm making fun of him.

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