Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blueberry Wafflelicious

Actual Conversation:

Writer-In-Training: this is all your influence
I'm stuck in my writing so I decided to make waffles instead

: Awesome!
Waffles rock :-)

: especially blueberry ones

Inspired by the Muqata, a hungry reader made blueberry waffles for breakfast, sending us this picture today:

hat-tip: the no-longer-hungry-writer-in-training

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Neshama said...

They look good, but why Aunt Jemima? Try pure natural dark maple syrup - nothing else. Delicious.

Michael H said...

Rasist Syrup! (I want waffels!)

Jack Steiner said...

Think it is about time for another tiyul followed by a waffle breakfast.

Neshama said...

Michael H: Are you referring to these:
Obama Waffles – Racist or Fair Satire?

Michael H said...

Neshama, I am using satire to point out that in Obama's America everything is labled rascist if it dosen't agree with the Obama?Socialist adgenda.

Also I am angry that I can't have waffles as I am on a diet.

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