Sunday, October 25, 2009

What's Going on at the Temple Mount?

Posted 12:20 PM, Sunday Oct 25, 2009

Starting this morning, there have been sporadic, violent Arab disturbances on Har Habayit, the Temple Mount, in the Old City of Jerusalem. Police cameras detected that Arabs on the Mount were gathering rocks and oil, and started throwing rocks at a group of tourists. The police immediately responded -- shooting stun grenades at the attackers, and helping the tourists to safety.

12 Arabs were arrested.

Then, the violence erupted again -- with more rock throwing against policemen -- 3 policemen wounded and the riot continues. (12:15 PM).

Apparently, the rioters have been incited by Arab leaders in Northern Israel's Galil region and in the Eastern Part of Jerusalem -- due to the convention this evening being held in Jerusalem -- all about the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount.

I plan on attending the convention this evening to report more about it.
YNET: Another incident was recorded when Knesset Member Ahmad Tibi (United Arab List-Ta'al) tried to enter the Temple Mount but was stopped by the police. "This is extremely severe," Tibi said in response. "The police are violating the law. It's not in their authority. The al-Aqsa Mosque is not a closed military zone."

Police Commissioner Dudi Cohen told reporters while visiting the Mount, "I identify many large groups of east Jerusalem Arabs and Israeli Arabs who have arrived here following calls made by the Islamic Movement, whose leaders are here. I call on them to practice restraint and calm and not to incite.

"The Jerusalem Police will act firmly against any rioters on the Temple Mount. The inciters are the same people you know. It's impossible that the Israel Police will have to deal with the Islamic Movement every Sunday, and so we will handle this on the investigative level."
I'll report more on the convention later on today -- with details of the location, speakers, time, etc.

I urge people to attend the convention this evening to learn more about our connection with the Temple Mount.

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timmy said...

Even though I can't stand this enemy of Israel, I think that Tibi should be allowed up given his Knesset immunity. The police should respect the law.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Timmy: Its a war zone right now -- they arent letting ANYONE up.

Besides, the police never respect the law -- and never let Jews pray on the Temple Mount, despite the Supreme Court allowing it.

Nachum said...

I'll be there as well. Hope I run into you.

Anonymous said...

This is the result of years of craven cowardly appeasement policies by Israeli gov.'ts since the 1967 war. Why we didn't expel the Arabs from Jerusalem & blow up that damn mosque at the time is beyond me - we Jews are basically idiots.
The Wakf should be removed & the Temple Mt. be placed under direct Israeli control. Ring-leaders & trouble-makers should be arrested, their ID's rescinded, & then deported, just dump them in Gaza.
This violence is because there are no serious consequences to those involved.

Kae Gregory said...

The Arabs and the Islamists do this with the intention of influencing the world into pressuring Israel with regards to Har Habayit. Instead, it should be seen as foreshadowing what will happen if the Arabs succeed in gaining control over even more holy sites in Israel - everyone who isn't Muslim will be excluded. What's worse, the holy sites that are unimportant to Islam will be desecrated or destroyed as they were when Jordan controlled the sites. IMO - this is clear evidence of the futility of the "peace process" and is especially indicative of the idiocy of the attempt to pressure only Israel into concessions.

jonathan becker said...

jameel: chazak v'ematz. keep us posted.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

jonathan: thanks!

jonathan becker said...

ok, i just did some quick research and here's my take on one foot: this is a power play by fatah, asserting their influence over this particularly sensitive issue, as the gazans (hamas) are powerless here.

the use of young shirtless masked men is a powerful media image and propaganda tool for the arabs and if the jeru. police don't come down hard- NOW- this could get a lot worse very soon. my opinion.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

jonathan: Some say that Hamas is at work here as well (The Galil Arabs are much more closely aligned with the fundamentalist hamas, then with the secular Fatah).

Regardless, if the government doesn't quickly assert control over Har Habayit, then we'll see a new eruption of the intifada. And all of General Dayton's PA forces will open fire as well.

I have a feeling that tonight's convention is of tantamount importance.

Anonymous said...

omg smh this is crazy what we do to each other

jonathan becker said...

according to some sources i saw (i assume you saw them too) that conference and rumors of it's significance is what set them off this time. just sayin'.

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