Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Breaking Story: Train Accident

11:55 AM Over 60 people hurt in this train fire, many from broken glass when jumping out of windows to escape flames; 2 of them in moderate condition the rest were lightly hurt; smoke inhalation, minor burns. Updates are now closed on this incident.

Photo credit: On Line News in Real Time. (source)

11:13 AM Train fire caused by train engine.

11:03 AM
Suspicion lowering regarding train accident being possible terror attack.
Soldier shooting open the door to save everyone apparently caused concern it might be a terror attack.

4 train cars burning at this point.
49 injured so far (2 moderate).

11:01 AM
Count is up to 40 lightly injured so far.

10:50 AM
Train Accident in Azor Yarkon (Sharon area) 2 train cars on fire. 20 wounded. Soldier fired on door to get it open for people to escape.

High suspicion at the moment that train accident is actually a terror attack.

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Anonymous said...

Is there a follow up to this story? I'm wondering what happened.

JoeSettler said...

Apparently an engine caught fire somehow and it spread.

There was some discussion why people couldn't get out of the trains.

The train company said the passengers panicked and didn't use the emergency exit switches.

The passengers said the doors melted shut from the fire and so the emergency exit switches didn't work.

The latter seems to be the case.

Carol said...

Terrible news. I hope no one was seriously hurt from this accident. Did they get to know how the fire started?

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