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A Joint JoeSettler-Jameel post.

For the last few weeks Makor Rishon and Yisrael Hayom have been publishing some astounding material on the organization Yesh-Din and other Left wing groups. Jameel will be publishing some translations in the near future. Last week they had an incredible expose on the activities of Arik Ascherman (the anti-archeologist -- pictured at right).

Haaretz Reports that Yesh-Din has filed a complaint with the police because their internal documents have appeared in the newspapers. They believe the Right has a mole in their organization.

Yesh-Din is yet another "Human Rights" organization funded by foreign governments, George Soros and of course the New Israel Fund (NIF).

Here's a list of their major donors:
Department of Foreign Affairs of Ireland
Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
European Commission
Federal Republic of Germany's Foreign Office
Hermod Lannungs Fond (Denmark)
Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (Germany)
Jacobs Charitable Trust (UK)
The Marc Rich Foundation (Switzerland)
The Moriah Fund
Naomi and Nehemiah Cohen Foundation (USA)
New Israel Fund
NGO Development Center
The Kingdom of Norway
Open Society Institute (USA)
United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Yigal Arnon & Co. Law Office (Israel)
Yesh-Din is often seen on the front lines of activities against settlers, claiming settlers destroy trees and whatever else they can imagine.

The 2 newspapers have been exposing the tools and tactics of Yesh-Din. It's utterly fascinating what you can do against Jews when you have so much foreign money in your pocket.

In this weekends expose, the contents of these documents paint a disturbing picture.

It becomes clear how Yesh-Din uses the police as a tool to harass Settlers.

Yesh-Din sees the police as a natural partner for them to use against Settlers, and have set a goal of building a tight relationship with the Yehuda-Shomron police to achieve their objectives.

And in the Makor Rishon interview with the police, there are those in the Judea/Samaria police that see themselves as natural partners to Yesh-Din.

Yesh-Din files various numerous charges against Settlers and demand the police follow up on them, which they do, harassing innocent Jews.

To ensure their files are being followed up on, Yesh-Din makes very regular visits to the police to examine the progress on each file.

Yet for instance, in 98 recent cases that Yesh-Din filed against settlers of alleged violence against Arabs, all were closed, without a single one ended up with a charge filed against any suspect.

Based on statistics from non-Yesh-Din related files, it all looks rather suspicious, as if the charges and claims were made up.

Just as interesting is a Judea/Samaria police statement in an interview where the officer said that most cases and files opened against Settlers would never have been opened at all - if it were a police station anywhere else in Israel (that shows a rather aggressive attitude of the Judea/Samaria police against Settlers).

Meanwhile, these internal documents also show how Yesh-Din bring Arabs, who were jailed for security related crimes such as membership in terror organizations, into the town of Ariel, by bypassing the gate where they might be checked, and going through back roads instead.

In short, this articles describes how foreign money is being used to redirect the activities of the Israeli police, and use them as a tool to harass innocent civilians.

Jameel adds: Isn't it interesting how Haaretz, the publisher of stolen IDF documents, defender of the patron saint of Israel's left Anat Kam and champion of leaked secrets -- is in a tizzy that Makor Rishon published leaked Yesh Din documents?

When dealing with leaked Yesh Din documents, Haaretz says "Hundreds of documents have been stolen from the database of Yesh Din", headlining the report that "Human rights NGO monitoring Palestinians' legal rights gets robbed of internal use documents."

When dealing with Haaretz publishing leaked IDF documents by Anat Kam, it's "freedom of the press", and Haaretz criticized those who attacked Kam and the IDF as conducting a "witch-hunt" against the "the journalist who exposed corruption. The witch hunt that came out yesterday after weeks of gagging - which also has no place in a democracy."

No hypocrisy there.

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Anonymous said...

disgusting was my reaction. i hope that our democracy will do something about it. In either case i will daven more for Hashme's protection.

Anonymous said...

How in the world does any sovereign state tolerate several other states donating money to interfere in its internal politics?

And are the cash-strapped taxpayers of Europe (Ireland in particular) happy that their money is being sent abroad?

The Rebbetzin's Husband said...

As the local news station headlined the story of Julian Assange complaining when his court papers were leaked: "Pot, it's the kettle calling..."

Anonymous said...

Evidently, ayn din l'yesh-din. said...

last weeks latma {an israeli political satire} made some good fun of them
you can check it out on their youtube channel

nanaloshen said...

Isn't there anyway to get the police to to behave? Here in Los Angeles, we'd have the police investigated and fired, if need be. What's with the double standard? This is outrageous.

May All the heroes of the Irgun be blessed. said...

IDF's internal documents...

vs. a Jew-hating NGO's internal documents....

No comparison. Haaretz ownership should be jailed.

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