Saturday, December 18, 2010

Terror Attack near Beit Shemesh

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8:51 AM
Body of missing American terror victim, Christine Logan, found.

7:05 AM Kaye Susan Wilson (46), Olah ('91) from England, named as first victim in Beit Shemesh terror attack. Currently hospitalized. No information released yet regarding second missing woman.

8:37 PM
Attempted terror attack near Hadassah Mount Scopus hospital. Terrorist (recently freed from jail) tried to stab woman. Woman got away. Terrorist caught.

Mada reports that the stabbed girl is 26. No additional details on terror attack are being released at the moment due to censor.

6:19 PM
Conflicting reports on some details of the terror victims.

Attack occurred in the Matah Forest (near Beit Shemesh). New reports the victims were 2 Israeli women in their 20s. One victim is still missing. The stabbed woman is in "Matzav Kasheh" (very badly wounded).

6:14 PM
A terror attack has been reported near Beit Shemesh. A 46 year old woman was found with her hands tied and multiple stab wounds. Who friend still hasn't been found and is believed to have been killed. Police and IDF are looking for 2 Arabs.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Bet Shemesh police are ill-equipped to follow up on any active criminal reports. My friend was in such an incident, and their attempt to locate the Arabs was just comical.

Anonymous said...

There's been a rash of gang thefts in Ramat Beit Shemesh occurring on Shabbos. In the past 3 weeks 8 different schools were hit, stripped of all computers, copying machines, cash, power tools, and pets! (Two schools had a couple goats and sheep, which were stolen.)

Police response has been "sorry, no resources to patrol or respond to theft", though they have the resources for ticket barrages on a multiple-times-per week basis.

Also note last year around this same time there were also a few female hikers lost and later found murdered in the Beit Shemesh hills.

First Anonymous said...

They patrol plenty they just don't get involved.

Anonymous said...

There is info on the identity, American tourist, also het name, Christine something... Police also checking if any criminal background, also listened to police interview on reshet bet, seems that they know more also progress in investigation and background, but won't say anything, was deputy j'lem area police head on air.

Anonymous said...

Christine Logan is her name, so not Israeli and probably not Jewish either, so if it's terrorism and she was kidnapped, then it's Obama's problem if he cares, he doesn't.

Anonymous said...

seems that ms logan was from the uk, and anon's comments are indefensible

Silk Tallit said...

from what I heard she was from the states actually..

Ariella said...

I haven't seen anything about this in the NY Times or any other U.S. I missing something, or does the U.S. media just not care when citizens are murdered in terrorist attacks?

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