Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Can You Dry Clean a Sheitel?

The People's Court. What Happens When you Dry Clean a Sheitel?

(removed till later )

1. Real Hair Wig? ASSUR! (well, it might not have been from India :)

2. What did the dry cleaner think the wig was...a tribble?

3. The couple didn't think to call the dry cleaner when a $3000 sheitel disappears?

4. Is the couple telling the truth? Did they try to pull a fast one? PATHETIC!!!

h/t: Amshi.

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Anonymous said...

Amshi's back?

yoni r. said...

First of all, it was a landromat, not a dry cleaner.

Secondly, I think that if you have any doubt whether these guys were lying, look at the husband's reaction when the reported asked him afterwards what he thought about it. Anyone who has a teenager (or who remembers what it was like to be a teenager) will recognize the reaction ("Did what just happen?") as a feeble attempt to evade the truth.

If I lived in their community, I would move to have them kicked out of shul, unless they could make a solid case that they weren't lying.

The thing about People's Court is that you only have to convince a TV personality for about 10 minutes that you're not lying, which is a much lower standard than is required in a court of law. Considering that Jews are no strangers to the legal system, this might shed light on why they chose this route.

rhecht said...

In the end, all it amounted to were the ratings generated by the show. I posted some comments, and even the video interview of Georgie herself, on my own blog: http://bit.ly/ibt1AH

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