Sunday, December 26, 2010

Kids! You Too Can Draw President Obama!

The following appeared in this week's Makor Rishon newspaper -- in the kids magazine section, by the Muqata's favorite cartoonist, Shay Charka.

Instead of me having to scan it in, Shay made my life easier by already posting it on his blog. All you need is pencil, paper, 2 eggs and a bottle of quintessential Osem Israeli ketchup.

I've added an English translation, and my own personal cartoon attempts with my kids from this morning.


(click the images below to enlarge, so you can print out and give to your kids)

The Muqata household proudly owns all of Shay Charka's books, and we recommend them all! (You can buy them on-line, here ) or you can email me for more specifics.

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha LOL! that is so funny!:)

Democrank said...

How dare you deface and defame the President of the United States like that.

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