Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Our Readers Have Spoken: Print It Is!

Overwhelming Feedback from our loyal readership have requested we revert back to the print edition of the Muqata.

To be perfectly frank, my wife told me that videos should be posted once a week at the most.

The video news format was only meant to supplement the print edition, not replace it, but I needed a break after live blogging the fire.

I have a few posts in draft mode which I hope to publish later today.

Wishing you all a Chodesh Tov and a Chanuka Sameach!


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SuperRaizy said...

Jameel, we love you in any format.

Adam Levick said...

Yes, I recall, from my youth, back in Philadelphia, when the paperboy would deliver the Muqata to our porch each morning. Ah, those were the days!

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Adam: Delivering newspapers was one of my jobs in my youth.

Along with selling magazine subscriptions, waiter in a hotel, summer camp counselor, desktop publishing, software development, selling license plates...

Neshama said...

Jameel, some of us realize that covering the Haifa fire was devastating in many ways. You are always on the front lines, giving us so much of yourself, and we appreciate it, and also feel grief.

treppenwitz said...

What a relief. That was really creeping me out. :-)

Anonymous said...

For that comment, Trep has to be your next cameo, when you do another one sometime in the future!

treppenwitz said...

I'll only agree if the 'trep' character can speak with the voice of HAL (from 2001: A Space Oddesy): "I'm sorry Dave... I'm afraid I can't do that.".. :-)

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