Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Liveblogging the Chidon HaTanakh

Tonight at 6 PM starts the Chidon HaTanakh -- National Bible Contest for adults!

I'll be live blogging over the next hour and a half.

Third Prize 10,000 NIS goes to Gershon Avraham - computer engineer, 33 from Hafia

Second Prize 20,000 NIS goes Shalvim student = Yonah Rosenberg.

IDF Private Refael Meyhuchas from the computer and networking division in the IDF - FIRST PRIZE - 30,000 NIS -- he got every single question right!


8:14 Last question...Refael...WINS!!!

This guy is freaking amazing!!!

8:13 IDF soldier Refael Meyuchas leading the round...he's one a head, Yonah got one wrong...

Head to Head now between Refael Meyuchas vs Yonah Rosenberg for the top contender
Computers going to most of the top contenders (unsure who gets what)

Ranking as follows:

Refael Meyuchas
Yonah Rosenberg
Gershon Avraham
Tzviya Langenthal

8:04 PM Shlomo finished his performance by blowing the shofar...was really amazing.

Answers to questions Prime Minister's questions:

Tzniut: Shaul Hamelch
Anava/Humility: David HaMelach
Nikion Kapayim: Shmuel the prophet
Leader with She'ar Ruach: Prophet Yihsaya
Leader with Vison: Sefer Mishlei
Shophet et Haam: Eliyahu
Going to wars: Yehoshua
Dugma Ishit: Gidon
Servant of G-d: Nechmia

7:57 PM Top 4 contenders complete their answers (they were given 4 minutes). Shlomo Gronich now performing while the answers are tabluated...

Shlomo performing the following:

taking a break for 2 minutes....

7:53 4 top contenders -- all given a 20 part fill in question...4 minutes to answer!

Netanyahu speaking now...traits of leaders. Give examples from Tanach for each...

(missing some)

Purety of actions (hands)
Personal example
accepting responsibility
Leader and nation creating an oath with G-d.

7:46 PM Next pair:

Yonah Rosenberg vs Levi Sudri
1. both correct!
2. both correct!

Last pair:

Tzvia Langenthal vs Dor El Chai Ben Ezra

Oooh - Dor El's answer not registered in the computer, but he said the right answer...(but Tzviya got the answer right).

Judges Decide: no points to Dor El Chai

both correct!

Last question for this pair...
both correct!

Tzviya goes to the next round (woohoo! :)

4 pairs have been chosen (faceoff via the computer)

Itay Levy vs. Gershon Avraham

Both correct (5 points for both)
Both correct (5 points for both)
Both correct (5 points for both)

Bonus question: Whoever answers first wins the round.
Both answered correctly...Avraham first and goes to the head table.

Roni Gal-oz vs. Refael Meyhuchas
1. both answer correctly!
2. both answer correctly!
3. both answer correctly!

Roni answered first by Rafael was right!
Refael goes to the head table.

7:34 PM Shlomo Gronech is now performing, while the judges decide on the top 8 who w
ill go to the next level.

This is the same song Shlomo is performing now:

7:29 Itai Levy: 12 points (total 61)

Tom Shochat 12 points (total 58)

7:25 Refael Meyuchas (soldier in the IDF) 12 points (total 62)

Yonah Rosenberg (studying in Shaalvim) 12 points (total 62)

7:20 Gershon Avraham: 12 points
Netanel : 12 points. Trying to put kids to bed. Not being successful...

7:15 PM 6th contender Tzviya Langernhal (my friend :)
12 points!!!! (61 points in total)

Bat El Cohen: 12 points

7:09 PM Third Personality Discussed: Menachem Begin

5th contender: Levi Sudri 12 points! (total 61 points)

6th contender: Amos Bitan (12 points)

7:07 PM Third Contender: Dor El Chai Ben Ezra (soldier from the Israel Naval Forces)
12 points!

4rth: Binyamin Rosensweig: 12 points

7:01 PM The theme of the National Tanakh/Bible Competition this year, in honor of Chanuka, is leadership and bravery.

The first person being featured is Ben Gurion.

Two questions are being asked to each contendor...

Roni Gal Oz; 12 points.
Danny Ohayon: 12 points.

The questions were rather easy...will try to write some of the questions and answers if I can get some of the kids to sleep...

Second person featured: Rav Kook

6:52 PM Netanyahu quotes 2 verses: You should love your neighbor as yourself, and you should love the "ger" (stranger / convert). Good luck to all the participants and all of Israel - may we all continue to study the Tanakh, and conduct ourselves in peace with each other.

6:47 PM Personally, I'm (Jameel) routing for me friend Tzviya, winner of the Jerusalem area adult competition, currently one of the contenders.

Netanyahu describes the early Bible Championships he heard as child...on the radio...and the pride that everyone was involved in the competition - secular and religious Jews together.

6:45 PM Netanyahu: Eretz Yisrael, Am Yisrael and the Tanakh are all mentioned in Israel's declaration of independance. That is what we are celebrating this evening.

6:41 PM Netanyahu is speaking now.

The audience is mostly police, firefighters and members of MDA (Magen David Adom)

Netanyahu mentions the dedication and selfless dedication of Israel's heroes. Mentioning the 16 year old who perished while volunteering to help put out the fire in the Carmel mountains.

Sending condolences to the families of the victims of the fire.

We will be soon starting an airborne fire brigade.

6:40 PM Education Minister Gidon Saar just gave the introduction...

Visiting Israel?
Learn to Shoot at
Caliber-3 with top Israeli Anti-Terror Experts!

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael טובה הארץ מאד מאד


freideleebs said...

Thanks, Jameel!

mother in israel said...

My teens were there, and we listened on the radio. My husband said it was too frummie--for instance, they assumed that Shlomo "said" Mishlei 30. And having to switch stations was pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

"Netanyahu mentions the dedication and selfless dedication of Israel's heroes. Mentioning the 16 year old who perished while volunteering to help put out the fire in the Carmel mountains.

Netanyahu: We will be soon starting an airborne fire brigade."

You left out the most touching part - the brigade will be named for Elad, the 16 year old fire scout who perished!


Anonymous said...

how can i see this online? its gotta be out there...

May All the heroes of the Irgun be blessed. said...

Shouldn't the humility trait be assigned to Moshe, rather than David Hamelech?

Anonymous said...

Anyone know of a link to see a replay?

Laya said...

I really appreciate you posting this, as I'm in Canada and couldn't get the broadcast.

Yasher koach to the country that reinstituted this event!

Anyone know if the winning chayal is single? I know a Tanach-fascinated girl...

mother in israel said...

Sorry, I heard he has two kids.

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