Monday, February 14, 2011

Helping out a friend

I received a heart-touching letter about a friend the other day, and I've been wondering how to blog it.

Though the request is rather simple, the story behind it is so much more difficult. Still unsure of the best way to approach it, I found that my friend Treppenwitz already had an edited version of the letter on his blog, so I am happy to repost it here.
"On January 28th, my cousin Michelle's youngest son Mickey never woke up. He was three years old. The day before he passed away, he had a fever and appeared lethargic. But after a check-up, he appeared to be generally ok. He never woke up the following morning, and we don't know the cause of his death. Our only answer being that it occurred min hashamayim (from Heaven).

He was a gorgeous, bright, engaging and hilarious little boy, and despite his short time here, he made an impression on many people.

We were supposed to have gone yesterday to visit [Mickey's family] for a few days, but instead ended up returning to my grandmother's house after spending most of the shiva in Cedarhurst with Michelle [Mickey's mom], her husband Yossi, and their 3 other sons.

Mickey was named in memory of my uncle (his grandfather) Myrone (aka Mickey), and his brit was around his first yarzeit.

Therefore, I would like to start a worthy project, in memory of Mickey.

As Mickey was here for such a short time, he was unable to perform many mitzvot (positive and negative deeds/acts proscribed in the Torah), but he engaged enthusiastically in the ones he was being taught, such as kippah (covering his head), tzizit (wearing ritual fringes), brachot (reciting blessings over food and drink), tzedaka (giving charity), etc.

What I am asking is that you think of a Mitzvah which you are lax in/generally don't do/forget to do/etc., and perform that miztvah, either as a one-time thing, or for as long as you can, in Mickey's zechut (honor/memory), and that you'll have in mind Meir Yechezkel ben Yosef Avraham Mordechai (Mickey's full Hebrew name) when you do it.

When you've decided what mitzvah/mitzvot you want to take on/improve, please go to this website spreadsheet - Mitzvot for Mickey - and add what you've decided to do (don't worry, it's all anonymous) to the end of the list you'll find there.

Mickey's family has access to this website, so they will be able to see all the extra mitzvot that Mickey is able to "do" through you. I know that this will be something that will help them, and give them some chizuk (strength).

Thank you for your participation, and please spread the word!!!

Aliza Gillman
Helping to comfort the family and doing a good deed at the same time is probably the best winning combination.

Sign up and pass it on!


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Anonymous said...

This is great and a wonderful thing.

It is interesting to me to look at the breakdown of the mitzvot chosen, it is really an interesting thing to see.

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