Thursday, June 02, 2011

Ramallah-El-Bireh: Palestinian Jews forced to Convert to Islam

Interesting Stuff.

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josh said...

I picked up a trempist around the time of the major massacres against us in the 2000s who said he heard from a mekubal that the saddest thing about the 'intifada' was that Jews were killing Jews. This reinforces the issue that many Arabs of 'Palestine' are born from Jewish mothers.

Anonymous said...

just curious - anyone care to estimate how many of these jewish palestinians there are?

Anonymous said...

Shabbat Shalom my friends to answer your question how many of the Palestinians are of Jewish origin?Around 90% of us are of Hebrew Israelite origin.This has been done through DNA testing done by the Hebrew University they found that over 90% of the Palestinians of Judea Sumeria and the Beduions of the Nagav have the Cohen Genome in there DNA and from what I have seen first hand many Palis bare Hebrew last names and come from Israelite tribes.I am one of them I thought I was Muslim and Arab and it uncovered the truth through family research and interviews I have done.I traced my tribe to Ephriam son of Joseph.

Anonymous said...

There's no doubt that some of the Muslims in Israel today were Jews (or Christians, or Samaritans) several generations ago.

But what he says here doesn't prove anything. And some of his evidence is ridiculous. For example, his Hamsa looks brand new, and is a North-African symbol.

The fact that El-Bireh was a Jewish village many years ago doesn't mean all its residents today are former Jews. El-Bireh was Jewish village, and then it was a Christian village, and then it was destroyed, and later became a Muslim town.

Bottom line: This guy's mother is a Syrian Jew who married a Muslim - of course he's Jewish. And not because his family has been 'Jewish for generations'.

The problem is that the Palestinians are using this claim in order to "prove" that they're the real Jews. but many of the Palestinians came to Israel in the past century or two. They don't have roots in Israel going back 2000 years.

The people of El-Bireh might want to prove that they're "the real Jews", but a majority of the population are Arabs refugees from 1948, and the rest, according to Wikipedia, came from Jordan in the 16th century.

Anonymous said...

why not return to Judaism?

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