Monday, April 28, 2008

Hiding Behind Ammunition in Gaza

In today's latest exchange between IDF soldiers and Gaza Palestinians, IDF soldiers were attacked from Palestinian positions in Beit Hanoun (Northern Gaza Strip). One IDF soldier was wounded.
"The IDF reported that it had attacked a group of gunmen spotted near forces operating in Beit Hanoun. Soldier belonging to the Givati patrol brigade exchanged fire with Palestinian gunmen in the area. During the military activity, an IDF soldier was lightly injured in the leg and rushed to hospital." (YNET)
Palestinians claim that 4 children and their mother, were killed Monday morning in an IDF strike in the northern Gaza Strip -- a shell hit a house in the town of Beit Hanoun. (JPost)

However, IDF radio reports as follows (something not yet appearing in any English language report).
"Unofficial IDF sources report that Palestinian woman and children were not killed by an IDF tank shell.

IDF Givati brigade soldiers engaged 2 Palestinian terrorists in a gun-battle -- the terrorists shooting from within the house of the woman and children. Each terrorist was wearing an over-sized knapsack, apparently loaded with ammunition. When hit by IDF gunfire, the terrorists' ammunition exploded, causing the deaths of the woman and children inside the house. Source: Galei Tzahal IDF radio, in Hebrew)"
For the first time in recent months, the IDF is not apologizing in knee-jerk reaction fashion for the deaths of civilian casualties in a war zone, making the IDF radio report even more believable.

As a result, even more Qassam rockets have been raining down on Sederot and Ashkelon. The following news story was from Friday, but I didn't get a chance to post the pics till now)

Four Palestinian Qassam rockets were fired at Ashkelon on Friday morning, one of then landing in the city's southern cemetery.
The al-Quds Brigades, the Islamic Jihad's military wing, claimed responsibility for the rocket fire, as well as for a shooting attack which left two Israeli guards dead in an industrial zone in the Sharon region.

Eli Yifrach, the cemetery's manager, told Ynet that "luckily the rocket landed before the employees arrived for work. It fell inside the cemetery and many graves were damaged.

"One of the graves was completely destroyed, and we are now working cautiously with the police so as not to desecrate the dead. This is a very sad sight." YNET Pics Link

Money Quote from PM Ehud Olmert at yesterdays's Mimouna Celebrations:

"Without being arrogant, God forbid, I think that today we can say that the Israeli people have a government that can defend it; that it has leadership that knows how to care for its people's security and future." (JPost)

Olmert? Arrogant? G-d forbid.

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David said...

Lighter side comment:
Headline for Ashkelons cemetery story: "Kassam hits cemetery - leaves thousands dead"
(Yes, destroyed tombstones is sad, but we should be thankful it's "aitzim veavanim")

Anonymous said...

In Kol Ha'ir this shabbos (Makor Rishon wasn't around), it said that because of the storms we had and general neglect, graves in Har Hazeitim shifted and some bones cames out of the ground.

I'm sure there's a prophecy around there somewhere.

YMedad said...

Good move about who really was responsible for the deaths of the family but I don't think ammunition explodes like that. Maybe grenades or RPG shells but not bullets.

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