Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Life of Luxury; Palestinian Terrorists

YNET reports:
"Four of the 13 Fatah's al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades members who fled a Palestinian Authority prison in Nablus last week voluntarily returned to jail Thursday, after receiving assurances that their living conditions would be improved."

The inmates escaped prison, where they were being held as part of the amnesty deal between Israel and the PA, for the second time last Friday.
Why are these inmates being held in prison? Terrorist acts against Jews.

Israel's government believes calculated risks are necessary; they calculate how many Jews might be killed by releasing repeat-offender terrorists, will it affect their standing in the polls, and then they release them.

The Hebrew edition adds the following tidbit:

לפי ההסכם, מבוקשי גדודי אל-אקצה שהסגירו את עצמם נכנסו לתקופת מבחן בת שלושה חודשים, ומבוקש שלא יעסוק בתקופה זו בטרור - יזכה לחנינה סופית

According to the amnesty agreement with Israel; wanted terrorists from the Al Aksa Brigades that turned themselves in are given a 3 month trial period. If they don't commit any terror acts during that time, they will receive a full pardon by Israel.
We've been through this so many times before, it's a pathetic joke. Three whole months with no terrorist acts against Jews and Israel grants them a full pardon. Justice at its best.
The men also complained of the conditions in which they were being held, and said that the PA refused to meet their demands for salaries and employment.
Must be hard living in conditions that inmates don't receive salary and employment. I'm sure if they complained to Israel instead of the PA, the Israeli Foreign ministry would have arranged something.

I'm shocked they didn't ask for waffles.

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