Monday, April 07, 2008

Lag Ba'Omer Bonfire = 33 Thousand Dollars

It's not even Pesach, and already kids around Israel are searching for scrap (and not so scrap) wood for the national bonfire night of Lag BaOmer.

YNET reports (in Hebrew) of 5 girls, aged 12, who were already on the hunt for bonfire scrap wood, when they came upon an old wooden closet on Petach Tikva's Salant Street.


Instead of just hauling it to their wood stash, they decided to open it up first and they found in it $33,000 in cash! (Don't forget the gematria of "Lag" Ba'Omer is 33, so if you're going to find a cash cow, it's the right number)

The fair-minded girls split the cash between them and went home. One of the girl's parents heard about the "find," collected all the cash, and brought it to the police.

The police questioned the girls of the location where they found the wooden closet, and located the closet's owner. Apparently, while cleaning for Passover, the closet's owner decided to get rid of the closet, not knowing her mother had left the cash there (she didn't even know of the cash's existence!)

Moral of the story:

1. Cleaning for Pesach is totally out of control. It's NOT Spring Cleaning, but cleaning for bread!

2. Don't throw out usable furniture; you never know when it might be usable. Best to put things like this in your attic (I'm so going to get killed for writing this)

3. If you do decide to throw out furniture, ask first on your local neighborhood email list if anyone wants it/can use it.

4. Before you throw anything out, always check for $33,000 in cash hidden away in it.

5. Petach Tikva kids start collecting wood for Lag BaOmer waaaay too early. They should be helping their parents clean for Pesach.

The wooden closet pictured above is for representative purposes only -- it was not the actual wooden closet found containing $33,000. Other Limitations may apply.

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mother in israel said...

This sounds suspicious. $33,000 DOLLARS? Not shekalim? what exchange rate was used?

And it's not the Pesach cleaning that's out of control, it's the Lag Baomer collecting. Sometimes they leave wood in our parking spot. And a lot of what they find is most definitely not junk.

Commenter Abbi said...

yes, I've seen kids here too already pushing their carts. It's out of control.

The back of the hill said...

SF for Israel collects material for lag bomer all year long.

Specifically, pamphlets and posters from International ANSWER, the Jewish Voice for Peace, Bay Area Women in Black, Code Pink.....

Last year's bonfire was great.... All Ocean Beach was lagbomered. From non-frum singles at one fire through Shar Zahav, Ohevei Shalom, SF4I, to Chabad. Gevaldik.

Only problem is, if you pull out the bottle of liquor on Ocean Beach, a cop appears out of nowhere. Like magic. Poof! Couldn't see him anywhere two seconds ago, but as soon as I uncapped the bottle..... like a genie.

yingerman said...

Actually the moms get the house cleaner much quicker when the kids are looking wood.

-suitepotato- said...

Well, there's always the Jetsons meets 60s futurism meets tinfoil look you'll recall in pics around the net...

Karl said...

I think they were actually searching for waffles...

Lion of Zion said...

"Best to put things like this in your attic"

this is why i could never make aliyah. i need a full house with a basement and an attic to store all the crap i've accumulated. israel doesn't have these types of houses.

i know that for most people this is not as dramatic as finding $33k that someone threw away, but a few years ago someone discovered a lost witness to the keter aram tzovah that was thrown out:

Anonymous said...

"$33,000 DOLLARS? Not shekalim?"

Given that the shekel used to inflate uncontrollably, if you were storing cash in a closet, you'd have been stupid NOT to use dollars.

(Of course, these days the reverse seems to be true...

Baila said...

Hmmmm....Maybe I should send my kids out to look for closets....

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