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Today's Israeli Hero: Amram Mitzna

How often does The Muqata (tm) blog seriously pay homage to a noted Israeli left wing politician?

Today's Israeli of note is Amram Mitzna.

For the record, Mitzna previously announced his willingness to negotiate with any elected Palestinian leadership at any time – no pre-conditions. He stated his readiness to divide Jerusalem. The exiled MK Azmi Bishara (the one who collaborated with the enemy, during wartime) said of Mitzna, "Despite the image of a former general, Mitzna stands to the left of Beilin." To the LEFT of Yossi Beilin? Why am I going out on a limb to write about him?

Even though Mitzna lost the Knesset election against Ariel Sharon because HIS idea of Disengagement was deemed too odious for the Israeli public (Sharon did the exact same thing anyway), let's see what Mitzna did after leaving the Knesset.

While other failed leaders ran to the business world, such as Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak who both did very well for themselves (as opposed to failed IDF General, Dan Halutz who has been running companies into the ground**), Amram Mitzna has taken up the long ignored ideal of Zionism to actually, help others.

Going to the struggling Negev desert development town, Yerucham, Mitzna took over the reigns of the municipal council after the mayor was forced to step down amidst charges of incompetence.

Already last year, Arutz Sheva noted Mitzna's impressive work:
Yerucham Regional Council head Amram Mitzna explained Wednesday morning how the southeastern development town turned around and became a model of financial responsibility. Failure of debt-ridden regional councils to pay workers on time is at the center of the current Histadrut labor dispute.

Mitzna, formerly mayor of Haifa, took the post at Yerucham in November 2005, when the regional council was saddled with a heavy debt, municipal services were sporadic and the community center was closed. He explained to Voice of Israel government radio that the situation changed after he raised the property tax 15 percent and fired 10-12 percent of public service workers. The Yeruham council now pays its workers on time, municipal services have been restored, the budget is balanced and the economy is growing, Mitzna stated.
Mitzna was only supposed to stay with Yerucham for 3 years -- yet he has put on hold aspirations to run again for Haifa mayoral elections or Knesset national elections. Mitzna announced to IDF army radio this morning that he would be staying in Yerucham for at least 2 more years.

In his parting speech at the Knesset, he said "I believe that by going to Yerucham, I will give from my expertise to revitalize the town and will also be a role model for the spirit of volunteerism in Israel."

Some might say he's only furthering his own future political career by revitalizing Yerucham.

Big Deal; results are results. I'd rather he further his own career while helping Yerucham, than Barak, Bibi, and Halutz's personal financial ambitions. (Then again, I'm glad Halutz didn't go to Yerucham -- he probably would have buried them as well).

Amram Mitzna; Kudos to you! On behalf of the Muqata readership, we wish you a hearty Yasher Koach, and please continue to help Yerucham bloom in the desert.

**Electronics giant Elron, who named ex-top soldier Dan Halutz as its chairman, now faces a growing concern as stock and earning warnings hovers over its head. The company admitted to losing NIS 33 million and to a cash burn of NIS 28 million for the year. It has a working capital deficit of NIS 5 million and a hole in its shareholders equity amounting to NIS 3 million. Haaretz

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Lurker said...

Want to know the secret behind Mitzna's success?

He receives advice from the dead, who speak to him from beyond the grave.

Don't believe me? Take a look at what Mitzna wrote in this 2000 op-ed on Ynet: He explains how he holds conversations with -- and receives advice from -- the long-dead Prime Minister, Yizhak Rabin, on a regular basis:

"אני למשל, מאז הרצח ולמרות הרצח, ממשיך ושואל בעצתו, משוחח ומתייעץ עמו, כמו בימי עבר כשהייתי אלוף פיקוד והוא שר ביטחון, כמו בימים שהוא כבר ראש ממשלה ואני ראש עיר."

"I, for example, since the murder [of Rabin] and in spite of the murder, continue to ask his advice, discuss and take counsel with him, as in the past when I was a [regional] Command General and he was the Minister of Security, as in the days when he was already the Prime Minister and I Mayor [of the city Haifa]."

Hey, if King Shaul could get advice from the dead prophet Shmuel, then why shouldn't Mitzna be able to get advice from the dead saint Rabin? I'll bet their conversations are similar.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe, he's just taking poetic license.

Lurker said...

haifan: Or maybe, he's just taking poetic license.

Maybe Shaul was, too.

Rafi G. said...

way to go Amram! He is invited to stay in Yerucham for anothe r10 to 15 years!

and wasn't Halutz working for BMW?

ADDeRabbi said...

is that elron or enron?

Anonymous said...

People give money to businesses in exchange for - how do you say? ah yes - help.

Gila said...

Even if he is furthering his own political career-he is doing a lot of good in the process. How completely refreshing.

Now, let us just cross our fingers and hope that no sordid extortion/ bribery stories pop up about him. Wouldn't it be nice to have at least one clean politician who believes that his job is to be a public servant?

Gila said...

As for talking to Rabin--he can talk to Mickey Mouse, for all I care. It is not illegal and the results are (apparently) impressive....

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