Wednesday, April 23, 2008


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According to Ayman azZawahiri, the Iranians are Zionist puppets.

Well, actually, he's saying that Iran is responsible for spreading the story that Israel was behind 9-11.

But what that really means is that they are Zionist puppets.

The logic is this: If Iran is trying to discredit Sunnis and ElQaeda by claiming that Israel was behind 9-11, and if their reason in doing so is to cover up their collaboration with the Americans (who, as everyone knows, are Zionist puppets - Ayman azZawahiri has also averred no less) in attacking Afghanistan and Iraq (which was on behalf of the Zionists, according to several internet sources, Arab commentators, Muslim politicians, and ElQaeda), then the Iranians and the Americans (Zionists) have the same agenda - which can only mean one thing: Iran is a Zionist puppet!

Appropriate brocha: "boruch atta Adonai Eloheinu, melech ha olam, asher flabberei et gasteinu." But you could also say she-hechiyanu.


We live in a marvelous world.


The statement by Ayman azZawahiri was reported on the BBC website. He recently posted a long video responding to questions from the faithful. It is awfully lonely in the Hindu Kush, so very very lonely, and conceivably he's losing all moorings with reality.

It is not reported whether he issued any psak halacha regarding the ongoing issue of gittin.

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