Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More things to do on Pesach

Hevron, Hebron, however you choose to spell it, these past 2 days it was the place to be.

Exactly 40 years on Pesach (or Passover, again however you choose to spell it) the Jewish community returned to our ancient city. As many long-time readers know, my extended family lived and owned numerous homes in Hevron going all the way back -until in 1929 when the family, just barely, managed to escape the massacre through a series of miraculous events.

The story of the return, the first Pesach in the hotel, how they stayed on is an exciting one - but one for a different post.

These past 2 days were days of music, tours, booths, donkey rides, pottery painting, and other fun events for the entire family.

The extended JoeSettler family had a wonderful time.

I know I told you all about it a little too late, so let me tell you now, the JoeSettler family will be doing the Jerusalem scene today. There are tons of events going on, and don't miss the events around the Walls of the Old City in the evening.

One of the sites we want to try to reach today is Zedekiah's Cave.

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael טובה הארץ מאד מאד


Baila said...

Saw the light show at Shaar Yaffo. Beautiful

Anonymous said...

Your telling of the story of your family's return to Hevron is now anticipated !

Anonymous said...

You can read part of it here:

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