Sunday, April 27, 2008

[OT] Let them eat (rice) cakes


It's kind of freaky how interconnected the world really is.

Take the dollar (who wants it?). Some people think that a weak dollar is good, but they don't consider the long-term effects it will have on the global market, in which the US is the global backbone.

And then consider rice.

A staple food that a significant portion of the world relies on, and which seems to be produced on a massive scale only in third-world countries.

And as those third-world countries stop/slow their rice exports, and with what appears to be the threat of an impending world famine, suddenly there is a run on rice all over the world, with stores limiting purchases, and prices going up easily 50%.

What would happen if the Chinese stopped exporting Chatchkas and fake watches?

I think the world's economy would simply collapse.

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Anonymous said...

Stupid ethanol, stupid tree huggers mother earth worshipers!

5 years ago I read a economic paper WARNING that ethanol would severely shoot up the price of corn and other food staples.. which if anyone has any brains we would know we are talking about the economy as a whole.

The excuse was, that ethanol production would relieve the stress of gas and in effect, increase production levels blah blah blah.

If we didnt listen to the environmental terrorists, we'd go with nuclear power, clean coal and the like.

Oh and super bonus slam dunk to absolutely moronic global warming nut jobs.

Remember the uproar over lag b'omer fires ? the campeign to decrease chanuka menora by 1 candle ?

So as I was burning my chametz, I was thinking how these extremists will scream how burning chametz is killing the envirement etc..

The truth is they just want to attack judaism.. why do I say that ?

Ok lets do the math silly.. there are 52 shabbatim a year and 8 days chag so 60 days out of 365 days a year we stay at home, we dont do wash, drive, use computer, go to stores or keep stores open...

And if shas had their way they'd do the same to you.

Really, religious jews are more echo friendly than your avrage echo freak.. we dont waste food cuz its baal tashchis...

So echo freaks wishing to impose their restrictions on us.. are pretty much on the same page as shas whom they bash.. how funny is that ?

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