Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pesach Shiurim TODAY

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TODAY, Sunday, April 13 WebYeshiva is running a series of Web-conference shiurim on Pesach.

All Shiurim are free!

Rabbi Jeffrey Saks - 10:00am Israel time/3:00am NY time
Inclined Toward Freedom: On Leaning at the Seder

Mrs. Ilana Saks - 11:30am Israel time/4:30am NY time
"Because You Were a Slave in the Land of Egypt"

Rabbi Avi Weinstein
- 1:00pm Israel time/6:00am NY time
Different Meanings of Freedom and the Festival of Freedom

Rabbi Moshe Morris - 5:00pm Israel time/10:00am NY time
The Halachot of When Erev Pesach Falls on Shabbat

Rabbi Yitzchak Twersky - 8:00pm Israel time/1:00pm NY time
Where Did Moshe Go? A View of the Haggada from the Vantage Point of Tanach

Mrs. Nomi Berman - 9:30pm Israel time/2:30pm NY time
The All-Nighter in B'nei Brak

Rabbi Yitzhak Zuriel - 11:30pm Israel time/4:30pm NY time
The Meaning of Rabbi Yehuda's Ten Plagues Simanim

Rabbi Yehoshua Geller - 1:00am Israel (April 14)/6:00pm NY time
Reading Maggid: Secrets to the Haggada's Midrash Encoding

Rabbi Chaim Brovender: 5:30am Israel time (April 14)/10:30pm NY time
Why is Moshe Rabbeinu Missing from the Haggada?

So go sign up and learn something.

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