Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bridging Jerusalem

I can't compete with the "Great Toothpick in the Sky" line, but here are some pics of the Jerusalem Bridge of Strings from last nights ceremony, courtesy of the Jerusalem Municipality. Quite breathtaking.

Of course there's nothing like a little controversy, like when the girls dance troupe were told to cover up their performance.

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Erachet said...

Wow...those pictures are unbelievable!

Baila said...

The bridge really does look beautiful all lit up like that. I have mixed feelings about it, especially since I read somewhere that it is "Jerusalem giving her finger to the world".

wolfline said...

more breathtaking pics here:

Anonymous said...

"giving the finger" - yet another great line.

Who makes this stuff up!

Sarah Likes Green said...

interesting design for jerusalem.

looks much different up close, quite a contrast to a lot of the architecture around it.

Commenter Abbi said...

sarah- how about when you're coming into j-m and the majority of the bridge is blocked by a huge ugly building.

Anonymous said...

What a waste of money!

What were they thinking?

Something like let's ignore; our dependance on Arab oil, terrorism from all around us, and our corrupt and inneffective government and build something completly frivoulous so future generations can laugh at us!

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

The problem is that Jerusalem is one of Israel's poorest cities, and the annual upkeep of this bridge (so I've heard) is more than a million NIS annually.

The bridge could have been built for a fraction of the pricetag with close to zero annual maintenance.

So does Jerusalem really need this bridge?

And in terms of giving the finger -- one could always view that its giving the Knesset the finger...

Anonymous said...

You can check out more discussion on the relevance of this bridge, and plenty of killer photos too, here:

Anonymous said...

I heard the bridge will cost us minority of Jerusalem arnona payers more like $10,000,000 a year upkeep!

Aesthetically, the bridge is very nice, but, you can’t actually see it, it is crowded out on all sides by ugly buildings of no aesthetic value whatsoever which completely negates any beauty the bridge actually has.

On the radio the day after the launch they quoted the city engineer was going on in his speech about how now Jerusalem has a symbol like the Eifel Tower or Brooklyn Bridge. Yes you read that right! Jerusalem!

When kids are stuffed 40 to a classroom, when there are insufficient funds for special education classes, how the municipality can justify such spending is beyond me.

Could they be more out of touch? Could they have a more warped sense of priorities?

Yellow Boy

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