Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Pray For Me!

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Sometimes you hear of a great idea and you just want to kick yourself because you didn’t think to do it first.

My wife is very much into the concepts of Bitachon (faith), Prayer and to a limited extent certain Segulot when you want to ask something from God. (For some reason her Segulah always involves me going to minyan every day – I don’t know how that works for her).

Anyway, a Segulah is usually some sort of physical, spiritual, or religious act that is traditionally linked to a certain result. An example that appeared on the Muqata blog not long ago was the Shlissel Challah, another common example is that a Bracha (blessing) received from a newlywed at their wedding is expected to come true.

Other common Segulot are reading Tehillim (Psalms) or Shir HaShirim (Song of Songs) for 40 days.

Probably one of the most famous Segulot (and considered by some to be the most effective) is going to the Kotel and praying to God for your request for 40 days straight.

Now like I said, my wife is a big believer in this.

She did her 40 day prayer thing years ago, and on day 41 she met me. Proof to her of the efficiency of prayer.

She did it again when she actually wanted me to get engaged to her (that took a few rounds of 40), but as we eventually got married, that is proof enough to her that it worked yet again (that actually started to convince me too that something funny was going on behind my back).

Anyway, praying to God, and praying to God at the Kotel is always considered a very traditional and acceptable means of asking God for those extra-important requests.

Also getting others to pray for you is a very Jewish concept.

So what idea did I miss?

The founders of Western Wall Prayers realized that they could take the popular segulah of 40 Days of Prayer at the Kotel (as well as Kaddish services) and turn it into a website, making this Segulah available to all wherever you are in the world.

Their concept is quite simple (the best ones usually are). They have different Yeshiva and Kollel students and Rabbis who will go down to the Kotel for 40 days and pray for you on your behalf.

That prayer can be to ask God to help you find a spouse, improve your financial state, or anything else positive.

You’ll also be given a prayer to say every day in conjunction with your praying envoy. After all, part of the reason this Segulah is supposed to work, is because you are taking the opportunity to improve yourself spiritually.

You have here the elements of Prayer, Faith, and Tzedaka (charity) (as you are helping support Torah learning and students). All together a good mix of good deeds.

So it you want someone to pray on your behalf for 40 days at the Kotel – visit Western Wall Prayers.

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael טובה הארץ מאד מאד

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Olah Chadasha said...

Dude, this has been around for a while. You're just coming across it now?

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