Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hamas "Work Accident" Destroys Gaza Street

Palestinians reported that at least seven eleven people have been killed and 40 more wounded in a large explosion in northern Gaza on Thursday afternoon.

Hamas sources told Ynet that two of the seven people killed were senior operatives from the organization: Hassan Abu-Shakfa, one of the organization's commanders in northern Gaza, and Ashraf Mushtaha, another of Hamas' senior operatives.

Despite the immediate blame from the Palestinians and usual Arab sympathizers, the IDF has stated unequivocally, that they had nothing to do with the explosion in Beit Lehia (Gaza), and that it was apparently the handiwork of Gaza's finest terror activists who failed "bomb assembly 101" (YNET)

With over 50 rockets hitting Southern Israel today, I'm rather underwhelmed by the destruction in Gaza.

Ooops. There went the neighborhood.

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Anonymous said...

Where is green helmet guy when you need him? Shouldn't he be flown in from Lebanon?

Unknown said...

Wow, thats alot of virgins....surely they are all considered dying as martyrs!

Lion of Zion said...

"the IDF has stated unequivocally, that they had nothing to do with the explosion"

i don't understand why the idf wouldn't take responsibility? aside from the usual international condemnation, it would help bolster the IDF's image among its adversaries.

Unknown said...

I love it.
Also -'It is Virginians not virgins-)

Findalis said...

Oops. But that's what you get when you store explosives in a home.

Anonymous said...

Well, that'll drive down the property values!

Lion, the policy in Israel has always been to stick to plausible deniability when possible. It's a lot scarier when you don't know who's really responsible (remember, our cousins tend toward paranoia, and even paranoids have enemies) or what to expect next.

Personally, I think it was done by a Gazan developer who wants to snatch up the properties cheaply so he could make....a killing!

YMedad said...

That is not a neighborhood.


It is a settlement!

Please, keep to proper semantics. This is the Middle East.

wolfline said...

whatever it is (or was) it ain't there no mo'.
Hopefully more to follow soon.

BBJ said...

Wow. And I thought meth labs were dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Good JOb! :)

Kamagra said...

The pictures are so good but is very sad to know that these people suffer a lot because there are a lot of terrorist in this zone, i hope that these people could live better someday.

Christy said...

That must've been some accident. My los angeles personal injury attorney would have a field day with a case like that.

Car accident lawyer sydney said...

I really feel bad for the people who safer from this situation.

Terry said...

Well, if the IDF didn't do it, then I guess this counts as a kind of work-related accident. I'm just not sure what insurance companies, like our own prudential life, would have to say about this though.

Personal Injury Lawyer London said...

whoa! this is totally devastating! I don't imagine seeing this in real life..

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