Sunday, June 15, 2008

Israeli Police Harasses Widow

This morning, Israeli Police forces detained Tehilla Zolden for allegedly spending this past Rosh HaShana (7 months ago) with her family at the ruins of the destroyed Chomesh settlement in the Shomron Mountains.

Since the police could not detain and question Tehilla's husband, Ido, who was murdered by PA policemen in a drive-by terror attack this past November, the Israeli police detained her instead.

Why the police insist on harassing a widow and detaining her is beyond me, considering that Israel's courts have specifically ruled that there it is not illegal to go to Chomesh. (Hebrew link here)

From Wikipedia's Chomesh entry.
In August 2007, an Israeli court ruled that it was not illegal entering the ruins of Homesh.

Justice David Gadol ruled that the Disengagement Law, on which the state bases its prohibition on entering the ruins of Homesh was legislated is not to be utilized for different purposes after that event. The judge also ruled that the government has not relinquished Homesh to another sovereignty and that its status and access roads remain Area 'C' which is in full control of Israel and with no restrictions on Israeli traffic, "After the evacuation of Homesh, Ganim and Kadim, unlike the evacuation of the Gaza Strip settlements, as far as I know, the areas were not transferred to what is known as the Palestinian Authority. As I recall, there were pictures of Palestinians from the area looting the property that was left behind by the evacuating forces. For this reason it is important to legally define whether this territory has area C status," Justice David Gadol stated, according to Haaretz. [2]

Why deal with Palestinian terror when it's so much easier to targets widows and orphans?

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Batya said...

Honestly, considering all, what do you expect from this govt, judicial?

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