Wednesday, February 18, 2009

An admission of guilt miscalculation.

Peres simply never stops being Peres.

The latest Peresism is his thoughts on how the Gaza evacuation was done incorrectly.

"Whatever will happen in the future, we shall not repeat the mistakes we made in leaving Gaza," Peres said in a question and answer session with a group of American Jewish leaders. "It should have been done otherwise. I was for leaving Gaza. I feel myself as one of the persons mistaken."

Obviously Peres isn't talking about the situation with all the displaced Gaza Jews who still lack a permanent housing/job solution - because that is something that can still be fixed, even though it isn't being taken care of properly after all these years

Nope, in short, Peres is saying he is not sorry for leaving Gaza, he just now assumes that if we had left a different way then Hamas wouldn't have taken over!

Meaning that Peres still believes we can kick out all the Jews from Judea and Samaria and hand over our security to someone else and the same won't happen again - if only we do it differently.

Nothing changes.

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Anonymous said...

Peaceful existence should have come first.

But Gaza was done because of the "expense" of protecting 8,000 Jews; who employed thousands of arabs. So they didn't have to be on the dole to a a terrorist payout.

Yes, it was done. And, yes, again, that Dubya then pressured Arik Sharon to "do more." SO much pressure was applied that Arik Sharon stroked. Twice. But nobody discusses the situation; with what Israel had to do "diplomatically" to stay in the "dance." (Olmert's a better politician than Avigdor Lieberman).

Which means? Behind the scenes there are things going on that politicians will never tell people who vote.

You could learn from PENN & TELLER! Because magicians know how to deflect attention. And, Peres just did one of those "fakes."

But could Peres have the upper hand IF Bibi had, in fact, worked with the 64 other ministers on the right? You say they're all corrupt. And, I agree. But 65 is better than 55. So Livni's song had an answer; BEFORE the media began giving you sub-titles.

Meanwhile? I'll make a guess. The price to Bibi to "bring his Likudniks into Kadima" will be "2nd place." Of course, he's taller than Livni. And, Livni? She still has to worry about Olmert's shadow.

Nothing is as it appears in the mirrors! Politics has a "dark side" just as the moon has one.

A Soldier's Mother said...

Jameel, you are being way to negative.

First - the government DID give the Gaza refugees sewer pipes during the last war...see how much they care about them! They didn't give the people in Tel Aviv sewer pipes, right?

Second - Peres remains what he has been all his life...a loser. And an arrogant one. He thinks he can say a few words and the people will forgive him his lies and manipulations. We won't.

Yes, the withdrawal of Gaza WAS a mistake - see: Second Lebanon War and 10,000 rockets against Israel as proof. The Gaza War was, surprisingly, well fought...why - here's a clue...because they kept Peres and Olmert FAR away from anything having to do with the planning or implementation of the war.

Peres may choose Livni...he may choose Bibi...what he won't choose - either way, is the real future of Israel. It has never been in his hands...and never will be.

Ok, I'm can go back to being negative... :-)

Anonymous said...

to a soldiers mother .... Peres is no loser, he is the last statesman that Israel has. He is a legend and a mentor to all Israeli citizens. You only wish you could be half the person that Peres is. Show some respect where respect is due or is that to hard from your platform of hate

Anonymous said...

And it's JoeSettler. Jameel is never negative.

Besides, Peres can't help it that he has read the map and signs incorrectly since he became obsessed with peace at any price (as long as someone else is the one paying).

Anonymous said...


It's politics, now. And, Peres will put something into play. To put Livni into play, he has to make sure she won't be rebuffed a second time. (She got good and rebuffed last November. And, then? She had 70 knesset members who preferred "elections." OR they preferred holding her up.)

What's at stake? How well the right holds together; because "push comes to shove," Peres is counting up members. (And, for a good scare, he is probably telling Shaul Mofaz that Livni may "hook the fish" ... but she doesn't have the strength to pull the fish out of the water, and into the boat.)

IF Bibi gets the nod? Then, Peres is satisfied Bibi can handle the right-wingers. And, slowly, some other groups may come along and join him? (Who knows? I think a Meretz-Labor "union" would give Bibi 16 seats. And, would make both Livni and Amir Peretz PLOTZ.)

We're just at the doorway to the whore house. We don't see what happens in the back rooms.

As a matter of fact, all the media does is supply sub-titles. To scare the pants off of ya. While it's probably true that Shimon Peres is very worried about Kadima's future. Without giving the shot to Livni, there's a good chance Likud would reshuffle the deck "chairs.") But it's not the Titanic.

If Peres "mucks up the waters?" Livni "first" would mean ... either she's willing to take a two year run, before the next set up to elections. Or Bibi "can be worked with." Bibi seems to have a stake in the Likud "winning back" what it lost to Kadima. This is not THE right! This is the middle.

In America, the "middle" is called the mainstream.

Peres also knows as long as a government can't quite be formed with Livni; but he chooses her, anyway; then he's perfected the art of "wasting time."

It's a real miracle that Olmert, who has resigned, gets to sit in a "caretaker government." While Katsav, who raped nobody, got tossed out of the president's house.

How quick can a gambler say "deal?"

A Soldier's Mother said...

To Efraim,

If Peres is "the last statesman that Israel has" we are in SO much trouble. God help us...please. I don't wish I could be half the person Peres is...if it would be any part...I'd prefer to be none. I have despised Peres for years. My description - not flattering in the least - would be somewhere between a prostitute and a dog...and if you could have prostitution among dogs, I would sadly conclude Peres would fit even better in both. He has sold his principles most of his life, caved in to every demand made by the US or France no matter how damaging it is to Israel.

I, not for anything I said about Peres - I apologize to Jameel if the negative one was JoeSettler...though I don't think I was serious in either case and thing both Joe and Jameel would make great spokesmen of Israel...if only they could come out of the proverbial, no, no - not that, I mean the one where they use fake names (everyone DID know that Jameel isn't really his name, it...take a deep breathe...NOT Shimon Peres either! - Baruch HaShem.

Ok - final word - I've lived here long enough to understand the games Shimon Peres plays. I have many names for him ... sadly, stupid isn't really one of them.

Anonymous said...

to A Soldier's Mother - your description of Peres sounds more like a description of yourself ! Shabat Shalom Love

Anonymous said...

"I was for leaving Gaza. I feel myself as one of the persons mistaken."

Maybe I'm not as smart as you guys, but I just can't see how that quote shows that Peres now thinks leaving Gaza was a good thing, rather than the opposite.

If anything, Peres is just another of the long line of politicians who admit that the left wing policies they pursued were mistaken... just as soon as they are out of office and unable to make any more of a difference. (Example #1 being Bill Clinton re Arafat)

Anonymous said...

It does say "Joe and Jameel" above... Oh, I better not write that...

Anonymous said...

Whoa! JoeSettler here and taking exception to a lot of statements being bandied about about my disposition and orientation.

Write what you want about Jameel, but I am a realist and pragmatist, not negative (unless you dislike my solutions, and then that is your problem, not mine).

As for Jameel, his secret identity cover has more holes in it than a leaky roof in a storm. Everybody knows who he is these days, and he does do a good job speaking up for Israel.

As for me, JoeSettler is my real name and identity.

Anonymous said...


You know, avoid reality, and there's nothing like reality biting you in the tuchis.

Since Israel's been peppered with rockets and missiles out of gaza ... And, since "free elections in gaza" produced a CRIME of a result ... Look no further than Iraq, here! In Irak, Maliki got the reins of power. And, take it from me, Maliki thoroughly hates Dubya's guts! He bided his time. He did something the Americans could not do: Irak imported terror from Iran; and began beating the crap out of the sunnis.

Gee. America stands watch. And, you've gotta wonder who put this "toy" into motion? But, eventually, like all bad decisions (see Bay of Pigs. See LBJ getting tossed back to Texas, and failing his presidency over Vietnam) ... and you can see how aloof politicians are. Until it becomes a day too late.

For all I know, Olmert's been trying to save his legacy? And, yesterday, when he took an "executive opportunity" ... to berate Ehud Barak, and the civil servant, Gilad, I decided Olmert's shaking in his boots! Men with real authority don't stoop so low!

This also means that Shimon Peres is doing the mathematical calculations. He won't do more than he can get away with. And, he's stuck with the "disengagement" that held no wieght with the arabs. 'Unilateral' will do that to ya each and every time.

And, that's the "saving's grace." Peres sees Olmert losing ground. And, he, himself, doesn't want to stand on sand.

While Peres, loves the limelight, and what he's enjoying most is torturing "his enemies." (And, yes, Bibi is one.) While Dahlia Itzik is his babe in arms. And, he's gonna do a lot of Livni, because Livni gave his "babe in arms" the second seat. And, pushed Mofaz into 3rd.

I can come up with lots of scenarios, ahead.

ONE: Peres pisses off 77 MKS

TWO: Perese does NOT piss them off.

THREE: Labor, not wanting to keep it's 4th place position, goes to Meretz. Don't forget the leader of Meretz is also looking at "new" ... wanting to become "old." And, he's not shaking out his #3 for Gal-On.

In a deck of cards you've got an assortment of values.

If Livni ends up not getting chosen, here?

She still has the option of joining Bibi's government. Or not. But what if she picks "or not?"

Out there, still, are threats to political "leaders." Meretz faces this. Labor faces this, too. But I can't imagine Ehud Barak can't take on Amir the putz, with one hand tied behind his back. The bigger question? Will he want to?

While Peres' safest bet is to give Bibi the nod. And, then let all the MKs work it out. You just never know. But Livni, in "seat #1, can actually be closest to the exit?

One thing Bibi won't do is have the Likud painted as a bunch of religious crazies. Can he anchor the party at the middle?

And, yes. Sooner or later, like it or not, Olmert has to leave. I don't think he'll leave by helicopter, because he doesn't want to give the impression he's as unhappy as Richard Nixon was, on that fateful day in August '76, he had to toodle off the White House lawn.

Tell me, did Nixon ever get rehabilitated? Is the jury still "out?"

I also think that Olmert hates Livni's guts. So? Maybe, this deck has a joker?

Stay tuned. The longest running soap opera, continues.

Anonymous said...


What if what Peres said is so obvious, you could write this "detail" on his tombstone? He knows how history books take the "long view." And, what's to see from disengagement now?

Dubya was in the driver's seat. And, as soon as gaza's disengagement was a done deal, he turned on the pressure to see a similar "unilateral withdrawal from the West Bank." So much pressure, Arik Sharon STROKED.

And, 2006 was a "high point" in the otherwise inept conclusions to the 43rd president's presidency.

Not that America's state department has stopped listening to the saud's. Excuse me. But every time I see "arab" I think only of the direction connection between Riyadh, and their proxy offices in DC. The oil money buys a lot of things. Including the blind alleys that would lead directly to saudi involvement in teror. Heck, they're not even paying for 9/11! Yet.

While in Iraq? It seems Maliki's "troops" are still hell bent to kill sunnis. And, I've seen no American at all leaving Iraq with anything nice to say about the place.

As to "who Peres will pick to dance," I think it's hard to read him. He "could" still hand the "prize" to Livni. (But how would Israelis respond?)

Way back, in May of 1967, Eshkol went on the radio; and blew it. He came off as a dithering idiot. Yes. He was prime minister. Yes, Lyndon Johnson in DC was putting terrible pressures on him to NOT fight; and to let "diplomacy solve the issues raised by eygpt's closing of the suez canal to Israeli shipping. AND, also to the dug in status of eygpt as it moved into the soviet's planned "digging in" in the Sinai.

I don't think anyone quite trusts diplomats. And, I think there's some sort of change in the equation, as America shifts fro GOP control, to the new, and untried, Obama.

If Livni just came out and told the Jerusalem Post that she "won't join a Likud government," isn't she playing a card? Isn't she painting, along with Ehud Barak, a sudden love for "oppositional seating?"

I hate it when politicians lie.

Yet, Shimon Peres saying the unilateral disengagement from Gaza was a mistake; now, ain't that the truth?

He's not going to get forgiven.

How much "political capital" with Peres use, now?

Besides, what's best for Israel? Isn't that the most important criterion? If gaza shows up as a huge error, what about tossing Livni the "prize" of putting a working government together? Maybe? All Peres wants to do is make things difficult for Bibi, by exposing him to lousy press? For a few days. (I'm telling ya, what the press produces is nothing but sub-titles. Once used for silent films, it doesn't, in our day and age, provide such a good living, anymore.)

Jewish Odysseus said...

Peres a "statesman"? Oyyyyyy....

I guess Benedict Arnold was an American statesman then.

Peres has obviously been working for Shaitan for many years. His initiatives, statements and maneuverings over those years have been disastrous for Israel.

Soldier's Mom, I loved your description of Peres, except remember this: the distinguishing characteristics of dogs are loyalty, fidelity, courage, and persistence. Also a keen sense of danger and "fight-back" instinct.

Does that really sound like Peres?!

Anonymous said...

Peres stated that in such a way that he could claim either stance.

A) He is sorry for the expulsion and realizes it was a mistake

B) He is sorry for the WAY the expulsion was handled.

He's just a politician playing word games. We all know that if an opportunity arose for a Judea/Samaria expulsion, he'd leap at the opportunity.

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