Thursday, February 12, 2009

Post Election News Roundup

IDF Radio: Three knockout punches to Tzippi Livni today:

1. Labor insists on being in the opposition to rebuild itself.
2. Meretz says they will not be in a coalition with Leiberman/Yisrael Beitaynu
3. Arab parties announce they will not recommend Livni as Prime Minister candidate to Israel's president.

Likud; Livni should wake up from her dream that she's going to be Prime Minister.

Reports: Livni offered Leiberman job of substitute Prime Minister (she she's not around), and any ministry of his choosing.

Shots fired this evening at Jewish motorists near the "Ateret" settlement in the West Bank. No inuries.

Rocks and Molotov cocktails thrown this evening near the community of Maaleh Shomron on Road 55 in the West Bank. No injuries.

Palestinians report that an failed assasination attempt was made today on Hamas leader Isma'eel Hani'eh.

Tomorrow's the big day -- the count of the remaining 150,000 votes of:
  • IDF soldiers
  • Israeli diplomats abroad
  • Israeli maritime workers abroad
  • hospitalized patients
  • prisoners in Israeli jails.
See you tomorrow...


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SuperRaizy said...

I really hope that Livni does not become Prime Minister. (This is probably the first time that I've agreed with the Arab parties about anything!)

Shaul B said...

Hey, what do you think of my amateur attempt at game theory analysis?


Jewish Odysseus said...

Just read the JPost story about the "likelihood" that Bibi will form a unity govt w/Kadima, giving K Defense and Foreign ministry.

Holy sh!t, would [will?!] that be an unmitigated disaster. Can Bibi really be that stupid/gutless?

It's an anonymous source, so it may be a dumb rumor. Let us pray.

Anonymous said...

Bibi is already entertaining the idea of forming a national unity government with Kadima, so I wouldn't crown him yet.

Just the fact he's entertaining such an option (and promising the defense portfolio to Kadima) only further proves that the old Bibi is the same Bibi today.

He's still afraid of American opinion, and that's a recipe for disaster for Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria.

Anonymous said...

i pray for a right wing government, sadly i just do not trust Bibi and with the right in his government he will think twice about what he does. with kidima he can petty do what he wants

Anonymous said...

Here's a hypothetical question:
If Bibi does indeed form a coalition with kadima will you still insist that your vote for the Likud was indeed the right choice?

In my personal opinion the very fact that he's inviting them (assuming the news reports are true) proves that "a vote for Bibi is a vote for Livni"

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Renegade; If Bibi does indeed form a coalition with kadima will you still insist that your vote for the Likud was indeed the right choice?

As I wrote before the elections -- I have no guarantees for Bibi's performance, and he may turn out to be pretty bad. I'm not fooling myself...

However, the Likud has many right wingers in it, and there's a better chance that a Likud led government will be better for Israel than a Kadima led government.

Kadima would have automatically meant additional disengagements, a choke-hold on the settlements, and tacit acceptance of the US State Department's "solutions" for our region.

I would rather take a risk on the Likud than a guaranteed lose with Kadima.

Anonymous said...

What has Bibi done (or said) lately to make you think he'll be better than kadima?

Was it him saying that he'll look to form a coalition along with kadima or labor?
Perhaps it was his pushing Feiglin down when he didn't like the spot he won in the primary's?

Maybe I just don't understand Israeli politics but it seems to me that him trying to woo kadima when he has a clear majority on the right should send some serious warning about the direction he plans to take the country.

Apparently he figured out that the right having won a clear majority means he (rather than the left) should be the one trying to put together a government, unfortunately it doesn't seem to have occurred to him that he should be forming a rightist government.

Anonymous said...

here's another hypothetical situation:
let's say (for argument's sake) that I"L was to pick up one more seat when the rest of the ballots are counted, (at the expense of a party where it wouldn't make a difference to the discussion), would you say that it would be better for likud to have 29 and I"L 3 rather than Likud with 27 and I"L with 5?

As long as the overall majority is to the right wouldn't it make sense that we'd be better off with the truly right being as strong as possible?

bluke said...

Bibi remembers what happened in 1996-1999 how the right wing brought him down.

A coalition of Shas UTJ and Lieberman etc. will never last 4 years

The Rebbetzin's Husband said...

Actually, I think Shitrit just stubbed his toe. That's the look I get on my face when I do it.

Or maybe he just stepped in something smelly.

Anonymous said...

Here is a good video.

Click on my name for most direct viewing.

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