Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Upcoming Government?

5:40 PM Lords of Misery -- A new documentary on UNRWA's doctrine of encouraging hate.

3:56 PM
Rocket Fired at Western Negev. No injuries or damage.

And now...back to the upcoming government?

Rumors of secret negotiations abound -- between Likud and Kadima.

The current forecast is looking like:

Likud (27)
Kadima (28)
Shas (11)
Aguda (5)
Bayit Yehudi/Mafdal (3)
Total: 74 Seats

Netanyahu would be Prime Minister, and 9 government portfolios would go to Kadima, including the Foreign and Defense Ministries.

Isn't it interesting how 2 weeks ago Kadima and the Likud were blasting away at each other: Livni isn't capable of being Prime Minister, Netanyahu is a chronic liar, Livni would never sell out to the Chareidim, Netanyahu as Prime Minister would mean instant Armgeddon?

And now... it's possible that we'll soon see a Likud/Kadima government with all of Israel's religious parties?

Anything and everything is possible in Israeli politics.

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Anonymous said...

One of the reasons I love this country!!!

Anonymous said...

So much for respecting the will of the voter.

Vote Right, still get Left.

Anonymous said...

atleast they are keeping lieberman and ichud leumi out in the cold .... if only they could find a way to keep shas out as well

Anonymous said...

Only a leftist that pines for oslo and all that means would say that.

Anonymous said...


Maybe, because I'm an American, I have instilled in my blood the concept of WINNER TAKES ALL.

That doesn't mean a winnah can't stomp on his opportunities. Look at all these presidents who worked hard at exiting without major approval: LBJ, Nixon, Carter, and Both Bush's.

So, "winnah takes all" and it's aftermath of an unhappy electorate "happens" to both sides of the isle.

When the Israeli press goes on and on about "unity" ... I fail to see it impressing most Americans; who are now sick and tired of Dubya's approach. And, also could be coming up soon? Obama's approach.

I guess everyone will know in November 2010, when ALL of the House of Representatives go up for re-election. (And, of course, the GOP making fools of themselves; over creationism. And, moonbat religious thought.) Ya know? It could be that the American media also fans those flames?

But the media hasn't really been all that productive, given the Age of the Internet. And, how it takes people into the mainstream.

Until Shimon Peres declares his choice of prime minister, all I seem to see is Livni looking more haggard each day. As she chimes away with "28 is more than 27."

Has she checked her back, lately? Isn't Mofaz ready to jump ship? Wouldn't that create for Likud the very disparity she dances to? (Seems overlooking the majority, in America, would be a very dangerous gambit.)

Oh, and in Ha'aretz, today, it's been "leaked" that Olmert "suggested" to Livni that she toss herself into the opposition. (Quite a suggestion from the man who has gripped the prime minister's chair so tightly, his fingerprints remain. Even as he has to let go.)

Personally? I'd be surprised if Ehud Barak wants to sit near Livni. So? Maybe, he can take some of Labor's chairs into Netanyahu's government? And, then the left can reconstitute itself NEVER. But they can look at Livni as having "chairs."

If politics isn't a circus, enough, you still have Amir Peretz "returning." What does it take to return? Seems it's cut out for the failures. Who make it impossible to draw in new blood.

Given that like Dahlia Itzik, Livni, too, does not speak English ... you get to see those who aren't articulate looking for posts where they travel around a lot. And, nobody sees the defects.

Up ahead? Shimon Peres' last move.

Anybody making bets?

Anonymous said...

If this happens are you going to reconsider voting for the Likud from now on?

Anonymous said...

Don't take anything you hear from any of the politicians now at face value. It is all spins, and jockeying for position.
I wouldn't make statements looks like [today's spin]... We little ones have no way of knowing what is spin and what is real.
It makes sense to discuss pros and cons of different options, but it is meaningless to conjecture as to what the current status is.
Need to wait till the dust clears.
- David

LB said...

Well, I dislike Shas greatly - but I am actually starting to think that a Likud-Kadima-? coalition is a good idea.

A Right-wing gov't won't do anything, and won't get anything done - if only because it's such a narrow coalition - and will lead to new elections with similar results very quickly. This wide coalition with Kadima won't be able to get anything done - and to be honest, the status quo might be ok, when considering the options gov'ts actually have.

So, no more Oslos - good. No Shas extortion - good. Less gov't power - good. Lieberman will get stronger before next elections - Kadima will get weaker, for sitting in the Bibi gov't and not doing anything - maybe this is the best possible outcome.

Anonymous said...

"if only because it's such a narrow coalition "

That's a laugh. 65 seats is about the average for Israeli governments - that is nothing new.

May I remind you that Rabin passed the Oslo Accords with a majority of 61 MKs? Nobody complained then that the government is hampered and can't get things done.

Funny how perception changes once it's a Right-wing government. suddenly unity is a must, a normal 5 seat majority is "impossibly" narrow and so on.

Listening to Israeli media can and will make you mind turn to dust.

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