Sunday, February 08, 2009

Selling Shalit to buy a Government

The rumor mill is run hard and fast right now. The papers are all reporting on it.

Gilad Shalit is going to be freed just ahead of elections in a blatant attempt to manipulate the election results (but is it Hamas or Kadima that is doing the manipulating?).

Among the terrorist murderers being mentioned that Israel plans to release is none other than the murderer/terrorist Marwan Bargouhti. Presumably he will immediately take over rule of the PA from both Fatah and Hamas.

This cynical use of an IDF hostage is nearly (but not quite) beyond belief.

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Leah Goodman said...

do we even know he's alive?
The idea of trading live terrorists for another body...
is even more disturbing than what the government wants to do.

Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

I came by to ask the same thing as triLcat. What is the word on the street? Is he alive? Because I hope they're not going to trade another high profile terrorist for his remains. As much as I am sure his family would like to have him back, dead or alive, it doesn't seem like it is in Israel's best interest to let all of these horrible people out of jail, no matter what Hamas offers. It just encourages them to try and kidnap more Israelis.

Anonymous said...

Ok, it can only take a fool to make the same mistakes again. This time, IMHO, the trade should be as follows:
First verify Shalit is alive,
Then make sure he is safe back in Israeli hands,
Then kill the terrorists & give back the bodies & say they died in battle.

Anonymous said...

oh bargouti, what a surprise! the old friend of yossi beilin , that butcher has many friends in meretz and shalom ahshav
well it seems Hamas prefers a Kadima gov. hmmm why?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Word on the Street:

1. Shalit is alive in Southern Gaza and very recently another "sign of life" was received by Israel (either a letter or audio/video file).

2. Rumor from the street: Shalit is kept in a pit, with a bomb belt strapped to him that can be remotely triggered, in case IDF forces try to "get him out" in a rescue mission.

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