Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Democracy Damaged

Elections are today, and democracy took its first hit of the day, as once again the Police caved into threats of Arab violence after they prohibited the officially appointed NU election monitor, Baruch Marzel, from reaching his polling station in Um el-Fahm due to threats of Arab violence.

Um el-Fahm has a long history of severe vote fraud and ballot stuffing.

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A Soldier's Mother said...

That's ok - the wonderful government/election committee of Israel made up for this anti-democratic move by sending Ra'am Ta'al to Beit El:

According to A7: Ra'am Ta'al sent a representative to monitor the Knesset election in the Samarian Jewish community of Beit El on Tuesday. Ra'am Ta'al MK Ahmed Tibi had said that the party would not send a representative because it does not recognize Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

The representative is a Jewish member of the Arab party.

Anonymous said...

A computer program randomly assigns which party goes to which polling station.

Jameel asked me why I continue to be surprised, when he told me earlier, the police will find some excuse to block Marzel's entry and democratic right and duty.

NormanF said...

Some people in Israel are still naive... the Left runs the country. The police, the prosecution and the courts. They will begin opening investigations and all the treif stuff tomorrow, if Israelis do not vote the way they expect.

It will happen sooner than you think. Power is the important thing to these people and no election result is going to overturn their "divine right" to rule the country.

Just watch. They did it to Marzel and they have demonstrated the law doesn't matter. It hasn't for ages in Israel.

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