Monday, February 16, 2009

Israel Today: Monday Feb 16, 2009

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8:01 PM It's raining.

7:55 PM
This cartoon appeared in Makor Rishon.

It features Eli Yishai (Shas) and Lieberman sitting together at the government table. Yishai is asking about the Kashrut of the apple. Liberman confirms that there is no problem of Shmittah, so it's OK to eat.

4:43 PM
Rain forecast in Israel for this evening and tomorrow, with a very stormy weekend on the way...(weather source)

4:40 PM
Hamas soldiers training in Gaza

photo, courtesy of walla

Maybe we should send Spiderman into Gaza?

3:42 PM
Spiderman Returns -- makes an appearance near Israeli city of Kfar Saba and Highway #6.

For the second time in less than 24 hours, someone dressed as Spiderman (or Spiderman himself?) appeared at the Chorshim intersection of Highway 6 throwing ropes to swing around.

Area residents reported this to the police who arrived, yet its unsure if the super hero was apprehended.

Yesterday evening, Police arrested a 24 year old
for a similar incident in a nearby location. (source in Hebrew, Ynet)

(Better to report this, than Rockets...)

3:28 PM
Why I don't conduct public readings from my blog.

Reason #231 You have to be on the lookout for stabbers.
A Chinese blogger whose satirical postings have gained a wide following was stabbed in the stomach at a Beijing book store after giving a reading, witnesses and friends said Monday.

Xu Lai, who writes under the pseudonym Qian Liexian, was attacked Saturday evening at the Wanda branch of the Beijing Danxiangjie Book Store, a staffer there confirmed Monday. (AP)
11:54 AM Looking for love: Livni the lonely spy. (UK Times on line)
"A romantic relationship requires honesty between a couple," she told her interviewer. “I couldn’t, of course, develop such a relationship with anyone, but a short relationship does no harm, if you keep to the rules.

"It’s a bit like forcing yourself not to get drunk in order to keep control of your mouth."
She's so modest as well:
Livni said she had been unable to reveal to even her closest family that she was a spy. When her father visited her in Paris, he could not understand why a woman who had been a brilliant law student "was wasting her time in Europe doing nothing".
cloak and dagger tip: Rafi from LifeinIsrael.

11:33 AM
IDF prevents terror in attack in Hevron, by detaining 15 year old Palestinian with large knife. (source)

11:22 AM UK Telepgraph blames Israel for the non-development of the underground natural gas fields off the coast of Gaza.

I'm surprised they didn't outright blame the Cast-Lead operation on slander that Israel wanted to capture these fields.

Then again, we're idiots for even suggesting this 2 billion dollar find should go to Hamas.

11:16 AM
Mei Eden -- the Golan Heights Bottled Mineral Water company has halted shipments of their bottled water due to irregular results from their Quality Control checks. The company has stated that all of their products already shipped and delivered are safe to use.

11:11 AM So much news today.

MDA HAZMAT Hazardous Materials) Mass Casualty Event at the Club Hotel in Eilat, due to chemical leak of some sort. 25 lightly and moderately wounded transported by Magen David Adom to YosefTal hospital in Eilat.

3 Rockets fell so far on Israel (1 last night, 2 this morning). No injuries...damage caused to fence around community in the Western Negev.

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael טובה הארץ מאד מאד


Jewish Odysseus said...

Telegraph blames Israel for Gaza's lack of natural gas development...Hmmmmmmm...Maybe Israel is also to blame for their lack of greenhouse agriculture development?

Does anyone have a shred of doubt that the only thing Hamas wd use any petrochemical store for wd be some type of nasty bomb or poisoning device? These b@st@rds are converting MEDICINES into bombs, for gawdssake...

Yeah, let's hand over to them 13 trillion cubic feet of highly flammable/explosive material, a GREAT idea...

Anonymous said...

To Joe Settler :)

Anonymous said...

Concerning the weather - here is another good site for Israeli weather -

The back of the hill said...

"It’s a bit like forcing yourself not to get drunk in order to keep control of your mouth."

Yes, I can see where that would take oodles of self-control.

Anonymous said...

ok, again i am confused???
who is tzipi a spy for and who would trust her anyway?

Anonymous said...

lemzia: Tzippy was a housesitter in Europe for the Mossad. She sat in the safe house and made it look not abandoned.

Anonymous said...

Two questions.

1) Are you ever going to respond to my final question on your "Post election" post?

2) Do you really believe it is a good idea to give Twitter reports on the rocket attacks. Admittedly I find them interesting but it isn't only I who could be reading this blog.

In war when you attack the enemy you afterwards want to know how successful the attack was. We Americans us all kinds of methods to find out if we hit what we wanted to hit and how much damage we did to whatever we wanted to hit.

Of course the Palestinians can't afford satellites, etc. But they could read a person's twitter post and go, damn, no damage, guess I need to move a little more to the left, or whatever.

There's an old saying from WWII. Loose Lips Sink Ships. That's my favorite although there is another one says be mindful of idle talk, and others sayings trying to remind people of the same thing.

A modern day version of this I have heard is Keyboards Kill.

And yeah, Keyboards can Kill when people don't think before they put information on their twitter and/or blog that the enemy might find as useful. Perhaps not your bit of information alone but Intellgence can be like a puzzle. A little bit of information from one twitter or blog, connected with a little bit of information from another source.

Anonymous said...

I am finding your sitreps interesting.

The American news media really isn't reporting anything about how the Palestinians are still shooting rockets at you.

That said... Shut the Hell Up!

Anonymous said...

As interested as I am regarding your Twitter Damage Assessment reports, there are people out there much more interested than I.

Stop needless talk.


Ben said...

Concerning the weather I always use this site:,%20israel&wuSelect=WEATHER is one of the most unreliable weather forecast sources and has verified many times. I'm a weather geek, so I'm a bit picky when it comes to reliable weather ;)

RivkA with a capital A said...

What's with the Spiderman thing???

I don't get why Makor Rishon would print that cartoon -- it is pretty offensive.

Tzippy Livni? Nothing she says surprises me anymore. That party is full of self-centered, megalomaniacs who believe they should run the country because they know better than the "stupid voters." If it were up to them, we would just dispell with elections and let them run the country. They know what is good for this country. Can you spell f*a*s*c*i*s*t?? Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot that that world only applies to right-wingers.....

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