Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bibi's Speech

The official text in English can be found here:

I can say that I didn't completely agree with Bibi's vision, nor do I think the Arabs are capable of standing up to his challenge to attempt the the most basic of requirements that he laid out, that Peace demands, but it was a very good speech.

I'm glad he so clearly corrected Obama on our history and rights to Israel - including Judea and Samaria. That was simply a pleasure to listen to.

I'm glad he gave such a wonderful history lesson, but his best line is when he said he is going to use "simple words" (presumably so Obama would understand) to explain both our rights to Israel, and the core cause of the war - and how it has nothing to do with Israel in Judea and Samaria and how it began years before there even was a State or even an IDF.

He made it clear that the Palestinians keep rejecting Peace, no matter what we offer and do. All we get is violence in return.

Here is a rough (and not complete) translation of what he said:

Until the Palestinians are willing to simply say they recognize the State of Israel as a Jewish State that will continue to exist that way, there can't be peace.

He said, you can't constantly demand everything from Israel, but even the most simplest demand, a vocal statement of recognition of the Jewish State, is not required of them - and they need to do that for peace.

He continued that Palestinian refugees will not return to the borders of Israel.

He recalled that Israel, with no resources, absorbed tremendous numbers of Jewish refugees, the Arabs can do the same.

Jerusalem will remain the united, undivided capital of Israel.

The Jewish link to Israel is 3300 year old. It is the land of our forefathers, Abraham, Yitzchak, Yaakov, and the prophets.

The Jewish people have suffered much over the centuries.

"Some people claim" that Israel arose because of the Holocaust, but if Israel had existed in time, there wouldn't have been a Holocaust. Our rights to Israel are not from the Holocaust.

It is our right to build our nation in our land. It is our land, our birthplace.

We don't want to rule over the Palestinians, and their presence in the land has caused debate and disagreement within Israel, but more unites Israel than divides us.

Any Palestinian State must be completely demilitarized. Otherwise, what happens from Gaza will happen in the middle of Israel. And we want peace.

The Palestinians cannot be able to make Peace treaties with our enemies, or threaten us. On this the nation is united.

I request from the US, that the PA be completely demilitarized, with no weapons, and no armies, and certainly not like what is in Gaza.

Without that, another Hamastan will arise, and we cannot and will not allow that.

I told Obama if we can agree on these basics, the rest is semantics and can be resolved.

And if the Palestinians can agree to this and dismantle Hamas, then they can live side-by-side with the Jewish State.

Jerusalem will remain united, and Israel will have secure borders.

We have no intention of building new statements or expanding them further. But we won't block natural growth either.

The settlers are not our enemies, or the enemies of peace.
The settlers are our brothers and Zionists.

If the Palestinians were to stop incitement, stop educating to violence, stop violence... we will do our part. But the Palestinians needs to make a decision. Do they want Peace, or do they want Hamas?

The PA must take over Gaza from Hamas.

Israel won't sit with terrorists calling for our destruction.

Gilad Shalit must come home healthy. Even the Red Cross can't visit him.

In 61 years Israel has built miracles, our technology, medicines, research, agriculture are used throughout the world.

If only our neighbors were willing, we could do miracles together with them too.

Like Begin and Sadat, I call on the Arabs nations to make Peace.

With God's help, we should learn no more to make weapons...


Excellent speech. I hope the Right is smart enough to support Bibi so he can stand strong on the fundamentals he stated.

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Anonymous said...

He basically said that there would be no palestinian state"within israel's borders" which could be interpreted as outside of the current borders.. aka JORDAN!
He had to say the words to make it seem like ISRAEL wants peace but ONLY if the Palis agree to these conditions, knowing full well that they won't. they will never recognize israel, nor will they agree to not having a military.. therefore no pali state.

avi said...

Still in denial?

"We will support (נתמוך!) a Palestinian state side by side (בצד) with Israel."

He accepted Kadima's platform. Just like Sharon ran against Mitzna's plan to evacuate the Gaza strip and once elected adopted the exact same policies. And you probably voted for him too.

When will Likud voters wake up? You're voting for a party run by liars and cynical opportunists.

JoeSettler said...

Unfortunately, instead of helping strengthen Netanyahu on everything he said that was good and right, I am afraid the Right will try to depose him, before he potentially does some hypothetical wrong - and we will then end up with Kadima again.

Anonymous said...

Not in denial.. Netanyahu had to be smart.. he wanted to show the world how impractical a palestinian state would be for israel.. He showed the world how israel conceded Gaza and were not given any form of peace.. just 10,000 rockets.. The Palis will never agree to no military, or agree that yerushalayim is the UNDIVIDED capital of the jewish homeland. they will never agree to recognize israel as a jewish state.. notice that bibi didn't say which borders .. he said not within israel.. that means that it's not within the current borders.... stop playing political games.. the guy was being smart.. he was very gutsy correcting obama the way he did with jewish history and telling the world that israel will not tolerate rockets on petach tikva etc.

NormanF said...

I agree with JoeSettler. The Right has a history of not being political realists. The truth is Israel is living in a world which expects it to agree to a so called two state solution. Am I happy with it? No. Do I reject it? Of course. What Netanyahu did was outline a vision whereby Jews and Arabs can co-exist if the very real problems impeding it are solved. I don't expect the Arabs to meet Israel half-way.
Nothing will come of a "Palestinian state": because the Arabs reject a genuine two states for two peoples formula.
To be politically realistic is to acknowledge one can't get everything one wants. The question is whether the Arabs will arrive at the same conclusion. I'm not holding my breath waiting for that to happen.

Risa Tzohar said...

Joe, I am with you on this one.
Let's hope the right doesn't blow this one.

NormanF said...

They can have a state if they agree to address Israel's national and security needs and if a state really ends the conflict instead of setting the stage for Round Two. The Palestinian answer to both questions has been negative. They do not want a state if that entails giving up their dream to destroy Israel. All of this is just hypothetical - Israel showed them the door but they have to walk through it to make real peace happen.

Findalis said...

The PA has already rejected the proposal. They call for all the land from the river to the sea. Too bad. It isn't theirs to begin with.

JoeSettler said...

The official text in English can be found here:

Anonymous said...

Question for an ignorant American: WTF is "natural growth?" I just do not understand this concept. A country can just keep expanding its borders because the population is growing? Isn't this true of almost every country on the planet? If so, why are Israelis so hesitant to draw clear boundaries on their settlements when other countries have to settle for not "naturally expanding" into their neighbors? This mystifies me, but maybe I am missing something.

Anonymous said...

Natural growth, for you, "ignorant American" (your words) is when you have a large piece of government owned land that is used as a park or empty field, and it is re-zoned for housing, a hospital, school or business development. This type of growth that you take for granted in any other country in the world is questioned only vis-a-vis Israel.

Anonymous said...

Natural growth means enabling families to add a room to their home.. or building more homes in the current settlement..
No american thinks twice about making renovations to their home or additions to it..

JoeSettler said...

That was also a problem with his speech, because he is restricting our expansion in our "Biblical Homeland" to land we currently own, and the borders of our settlements.

What happens when we want to buy back/redeem more land in Hebron? Will Bibi fight us?

David said...

You are out of your friggin mind.

The man says B"H and you salivate. The man calls us Mityashvim instead of Mitnachalim and you are ecstatic.

Pahhleeesee. Give me a break and don't insult my intelligence. For the first time ever an Israeli PM spoke the words "Palestinian State" and all else is irrelevant. No one will remember anything else - just like Bush already "forgot" about the promises he made to Sharon.

Oh and by the way - Netanyahooo can say what he wants - there aint such a creature as a demilitarized state - its binary - yes or no.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but who says it has to be in Israel's borders.. and those conditions that he made are ones that the palis will NEVER fulfill.. he is just proving to the world that the palis don't want peace but to wipe us off the face of the earth.. cuz if they just wanted a state they would be fighting with the jordanians too..
stop getting so huffy and puffy about those words.. he basically said that the reason why the palis don't have one is 1. b/c they didn't take the oppurtunity in 1947 like the jews did.. 2. at every time it was offered they found a reason not to take it..
They will never acknowledge the right of the Jews to the jewish homeland.. nor will they agree to no military.. therefore there will NEVER be a state.. but the world should know that it's not b/c of israel...

Anonymous said...

"It is impossible to expect us to agree in advance to the principle of a Palestinian state without assurances that this state will be demilitarized.

On a matter so critical to the existence of Israel, we must first have our security needs addressed. " said Benyamin Netanyahu...

therefore he is not agreeing to a Palestian state.. the arabs will never agree to those terms..
instead of jumping on him.. support him.. and there will NEVER be a pali state..

Anonymous said...

Ah, now I see. This perspective makes things a lot clearer, but it also raises some questions in my mind. So natural growth prohibits "new" settlements but is a license to continually expand ones that exists.

How is natural growth sustainable? If it continues at its current rate (which, according to 2007 CIA Factbook reports is 3.34 times faster than the growth rate of the non-settlement Israeli population) it will either create a huge mess when thousands of settlers are forced to leave if the West Bank becomes a Palestinian-controlled entity, or the demographics and boundaries will be so mixed and far gone that Israel will be forced to absorb the West Bank Palestinians into its population of citizens, thus making the Jewish people a minority in Israel.

In addition, I don't understand how if Israel is so hellbent on accommodating natural growth, why there is a deep housing crisis among Palestinians and Israel's Arab population? Although Israeli expansion into the West Bank is approved by the government, only 5.6% of Palestinian building requests were granted in the last seven years. The Arab-Israeli's population density per room in a house is twice that of Jewish-Israeli's. For example, in 2006, more than 2,000 apartments were completed for settlers, whereas 390 were constructed for the entire Arab sector in Israel, which has a growth rate only slightly lower to that of the settlers.

I appreciate people's deepseated desire for adding new rooms to their home, but natural growth seem to be creating some huge political problems and inequalities in Israel. How does natural growth fit into the picture of a long-term solution for the current political and demographic crises in this area?

Anonymous said...

Ah.. there are some people here who buy small apartments when they get married as they are cheaper.. They buy them with the option to build.. One neighbor of mine lived in a two bedroom apt with 6 kids until she was able to afford to build.. you can't keep 6 kids in 1 little bedroom.. just not possible.
Also, you have to realize that many chareidim do not ascribe to the state of israel therefore are not in the calculation.. many families are 7 kids or more.

Superb Jon said...

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