Sunday, September 06, 2009

Protests against "Contested" Ground of Tel-Aviv

Et tu, Danny Glover? I guess its to be expected after hanging around with his Lethal Weapon buddy, Mel Gibson...

Seems that Glover and other (very important) Movie Stars have decided that Toronto International Film Festival's (TIFF) spotlight on Tel Aviv implies that TIFF "is complicit in the Israeli propaganda machine."
"Bolstered by increasing support, a coalition of filmmakers and other members of the cultural community protesting the Toronto International Film Festival's spotlight on Tel Aviv are planning a press conference on the festival's opening day.

Although organizers have yet to release details of location, time or even who will speak, a spokeswoman for the group who wrote an open letter to the festival confirmed the plan for a Thursday press conference "due both to the tremendous support we have received since releasing the letter, and also to answer our critics."

More than 50 filmmakers, academics, writers and artists have signed the letter, including Jane Fonda, Danny Glover, Naomi Klein and Ken Loach. The letter objects to TIFF's decision to choose Tel Aviv for its City-to-City program, which celebrates a foreign city through film. The group has said it is not protesting the individual Israeli filmmakers, but says that TIFF "has become complicit in the Israeli propaganda machine," whether intentionally or not." (source)
John Greyson withdrew his film "Covered" from TIFF because of this outrageous, anti-Palestinian "complicity" as well.

Cameron Bailey, the co-director of TIFF was obviously upset. So how does one not cancel a film festival, yet get the message across that he's "one of the good guys?" His response is on the TIFF website.

1. Immediately express interested in the Palestinians:

"We continue to learn more about the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement."

2. Challenge Israel's legitimacy -- and even pre-1967, 1948 armistice lines.
"We recognize that Tel Aviv is not a simple choice and that the city remains contested ground."

Tel-Aviv is contested ground?

May your enemies get a hernia from dancing on your grave.
Bailey's response reminds me of the above Yiddish backhanded insult, which starts off like a compliment (he refused to cancel the focus on Tel-Aviv films) but ends off in an insult...

I wonder how Israeli leftists swallow this sort of illegitimacy -- not those who believe that Israel should be bi-national or devoid of any Jewish connection, but those "moderate" left wingers who find themselves on the same side as TIFF, yet still believe that Tel Aviv is uncontested Israel.

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Anonymous said...

This is great news!

It takes a big star like Danny Glover to hopefully wake up the left and declare that Jews have no rights in Hevron, Jerusalem or even Tel Aviv.

Hopefully the Left will do Teshuva and unite around Eretz Yisroel and abandon any ideas of dividing Israel.

- d

Safranit said...

Unfortunately the list also included many Israeli filmmakers as well..even tel avivis ...

Anonymous said...

No well meaning insult should ever go unnoticed. Glover seems to be in good company with Hanoi Jane and others.

Anonymous said...

Jewlicious comments about the protesters, including Danny Glover, Jane Fonda and Naomi Klein:

What if you wrote a smug boycott letter full of omissions? Response to John Greyson about his letter to the Toronto International Film Festival:

How the far left eats its own - poor, poor Uri Avnery:

Enjoy. ;)


Lurker said...

Et tu, Danny Glover?

Danny Glover is an extreme radical leftist, so his hatred of Israel is hardly surprising. Just take a look at who his close friends are.

I guess its to be expected after hanging around with his Lethal Weapon buddy, Mel Gibson...

Yes, Glover and Gibson complement each other perfectly. On the one hand, they are mirror-images politically: Glover is a radical leftist, and Gibson is an extremist ultraconservative rightist. One would imagine that they have absolutely nothing in common. But in fact, they share that one thing which the extreme left and the extreme right have always shared: Rabid antisemitism.

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