Thursday, September 08, 2011

Arabs Prefer to Live in Israel...would not move to "Palestine"

Everyone knows that Israel is an apartheid state and the worst abuser of human rights on the planet.

Yet for some strange reason, Israeli Arabs, who champion the creation of a Palestinian State are insistent that they would never want to move there, and would prefer living in the terrible country known as Israel.

Israel Arab Knesset Member Ahmed Tibi stated today in a radio interview with Ben Caspit and Immanuel Rosen:

"Even if as a result of the 20th of September, a Palestinian State does come into creation, not myself nor the rest of the Palestinians living in the borders of the State of Israel, wherever they may be, would ever move their residency to the new Palestinian country and be re-united with their brothers. (source)"

Pick a reason why:

1. Israeli Arabs may support terrorism or the Palestinian cause, but aren't stupid enough to want to move there because they know that Israel is the best possible place for an Arab to live in the Middle East.

2. They hope that the State of Israel will eventually disappear and be swallowed up by "Palestine" so there's no reason to move.

3. Do not want to be accused of supporting "Adam's Burger King" which illegally stole the Burger King licensed name and logo.

4. Concern that Sharia law may be implemented in "Palestine"

5. They know that "Palestine" will go to war with Israel and will eventually get wiped off the map.

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Solomon said...

If they create a state, we will have an embassy there?

rrW said...

Answer - All of the above ...

NormanF said...

The Arabs may hate their Jewish rulers but they know the Arabs would never treat them as decently and humanely as the Jews do.

That's quite an admission!

Anonymous said...

All of the above.

And more....

Anonymous said...

All of the above.

And then some......

Anonymous said...

There are of course many more reasons, but here are just a few...

6. In general, Jewish women, especially loose, Shalom Achshav chicks who take pride in having a Palestinian BF are much hotter than your average Fatimah (and you don't have to guess what they look like either).
7. Jews are willing to pay much more money for the same products and services than a Palestinian would (AKA 'the Frier Factor'). The rule of thumb is Americans pay 20x more, Ashkenazim 10x more, Moroccans - 2x more. However, no Arab Israeli wants to live near Parsim, who never pay !
8. Less road kill amongst Jews. I mean, have you ever checked out how many Israeli Arabs die in car accidents ?Especially amongst the wealthy under 25 yo's driving those big black BMWs at 170 km/h ?
9. Israeli Arabs, especially in the Galil, get to build whatever they want, wherever they want without getting hassled by the local 'Moatza'. If I as much put up a Hammock in my backyard, the local (Arab) 'pakachim' show up immediately with a 'Tzav Harisa'.
10. Israel: Best country in the world for criminals ! Short sentences even for murder and heinous crimes, 1/3 off for good behavior, congenial visits (that's right, they can actually get laid in prison ! I know many people who can't even find a date on the outside), opportunity to finish 'Bagrut' and get a university degree - all for free !
11. The big one of course is ‘Kitzvat Yeladim/Bituach Leumi’ payments…Free money just for not wearing a condom ! Where else can you get that kind of deal ?

Don Ramón Valdéz Goméz Bolaños Smith said...

"In general, Jewish women, especially loose, Shalom Achshav chicks who take pride in having a Palestinian BF are much hotter than your average Fatimah (and you don't have to guess what they look like either)."

Are you insane?! Those shalom akhshav girls are horrendous. Give me an Arab chick all the way.
Of course "palestinians" are ugly compared to Lebanese - or even Egyptian - women, but those girls from shalom akhshav look like caricatures of Jews you'd see on a German newspaper during the Nazi regime.

Karl said...

Jameel: Why should Palestinian Israelis move? They are already living in Palestine. Tibi already calls himself a Palestinian Israeli, and he enjoys the title.

If Israel has no problem with a Palestinian MK, they would should they even care about Israeli Arabs moving anywhere?

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