Monday, September 05, 2011

Midnight Migron Expulsion

7:30 AM 850 police and soldiers were used to destroy 3 homes in Migron in the early morning.

3:41 AM Honenu legal organization reports that 7 have been arrested at Migron,. 5 girls, 1 boy, and 1 adult.

3:27 AM Prosecutor's office is awake. They are trying to cancel Judge Hendel's stop order.

3:18 AM Commander in charge decided to honor court order. Will not destroy homes.

2:47 AM It's not over... Commander in charge of the expulsion operation is apparently not planning to follow the judges order, and is planing to continue with the destruction of the Migron homes.

2:42 AM Destruction and expulsion of Migron temporarily halted. At least 2 girls arrested by police for trying to block the expulsion forces.

2:37 AM UPDATE: Judge Meltzer Hendel orders a temporary halt to the destruction of the 3 Migron homes.

2:33 AM UPDATE: Migron houses may not be destroyed yet. Residents are calling on loudspeakers that an emergency appeal has been filed with the High Court minutes ago, and police must wait until they come back with a decision.

Monday, 2:26 AM Hundreds of police are currently violently destroying parts of Migron. The are has been closed by the IDF, including to reporters, but some reports are leaking out.

3 families have been thrown out into the street as their houses are about to be have been destroyed.

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NormanF said...

They do it like thieves in the middle of the night.

Israel faces a severe housing shortage.

The Israeli government's response to this crisis?

Throw Jews out onto the streets! The bureaucrats have with typical Jewish ingenuity, solved the problem!

We can't wait to see it pursued in the rest of the country!

rrR said...

I am sorry to say, that Israel and Be'er Sheva deserve to be hit by missiles in the south, and perhaps even be nuked by Iran. If we ourselves are making Judea and Sameria Judenrein - then we deserve to be destroyed. I hope the left will feel good when Tel Aviv is destroyed.

mevaseretzion said...

rrR -- are you nuts? Because the government does something bad, every Jew in Israel (including settlers, mothers and babies in Tel Aviv) should die horrific, radiated deaths? Israel should cease to exist?

There has to be a limit to the things we say even when we are emotional.

Anonymous said...


With all my respect,rrR is spot on...
If we pursue that stupid judeophobic behaviour, we do not deserve a Jewish State !


mevaseretzion said...

Anonymous, do you realize rrR is advocating the destruction of more than 6 million Jews because he/she (and I) doesn't like what the government has done?

Have you no sense of proportion?

"We do not deserve a Jewish state?" Deserver? Be'er Sheva deserves rockets? Israel deserves nukes? What are you, Ahmedinejad? Niturei Karta? Even NK doesn't advocate the kind of murder that rrR and you do.

You know, many people have been talking for weeks about the traitorous post Derfner put up on his blog justifying the Eilat area terror attacks against Israelis. Derfner lost his job over it. Do you realize that you and he are advocating the same thing? You only differ on what political sin the State of Israel has committed to deserve it.

You and rrR need to think before spouting, if at all possible.

JoeSettler said...

I honestly don't even understand that comment. Statements like that are no worse than the NIF troll's spewings.

What does need to happen are changes in the government.

Likud members should vote for MKs who took stronger Zionistic positions and vote out MKs and Ministers (and PMs) who made bad mistakes.

In the next elections people should vote for more openly Zionistic parties.

Gee a Moron said...

I fear that the spies were correct (Numbers/Bamidbar 13:32) - A land that eat's its inhabitants....

We have met the enemy and he is us...

mevaseretzion said...

We are our own worst enemy, it is true, but that is not a reason to commit suicide, but to change.

And if you don't have the guts to put in the work to change things and the patience to realize that things do not change over night, then please, have at least the decency to keep your national-murder-hitler-ahmadinejad plans to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Israel has been shooting his feet in Yesha for years !
Are you so keen to see kassams raining on Sheikin street in TA ?
I do understand Jews in Yesha serve as useful fuse to appease the muslim president at the white house but enough is enough !
How can inhabitants of Migron still serve in Tsahal ?
Down Migron,there is a strategic road :is Barak so keen to see Israeli motorists being shot ???


NormanF said...

Israel's leftist Supreme Court ordered the three homes destroyed earlier in the summer by accepting a Peace Now argument that Arabs had title to the land.

But in what kind of country are people made homeless on the basis of such a vicious order? The government could have informed the Supreme Court it would pay the Arabs compensation so Jews could remain in their homes. That would have been the just thing to do.

The homes will be rebuilt shortly and all the government will have shown is its thoughtlessness in trying to appease the Court and the Israeli Left.

In the end, the government needs to be held accountable by the voters for pursuing immoral and destructive policies that neither attend to the country's social needs or which strengthen its security.

Making Israelis homeless is not something in which the country should take pride.

Anonymous said...

What is border police doing in that mess?
should't they be better deployed along the egypt/Israel border ?

NormanF said...

The Border Police and the Yassam are staffed by minorities. The government can't count on regular IDF soldiers to obey orders to evict Jews from their homes. So it lets non-Jews do all the dirty work.

Yael said...

Have they learnt nothing from the Gaza expulsion??

Amihai said...

Because of the mistake of one governement, of a few ministers you want to punish all the country ?
Because some acted badly, everyone should be held accountable ?

In the same way the talion law is explained if the "hands" (ministers) act badly, what do you gain by beheading the head ?

To answer this : "How can inhabitants of Migron still serve in Tsahal ?"
What about all those time when Tsahal is fighting our ennemies ? arresting terrorists ? protecting our borders ?

Anonymous said...

So the settlers burn a mosque in retaliation. Makes them no better than the terrorists.

NormanF said...

Amihai, Tsahal had nothing to do with it. Those Border Police are real heroes. It doesn't take much to demolish people's homes and leave them at the mercy of the elements. Israel's branja learned nothing from Gush Katif and forgot everything.

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