Sunday, September 18, 2011

What Israel should do, but won’t

In the very near future the Palestinians will be upgraded in the UN, either into a member state, or something close enough. This is not the first time the UN has declared them a state, but there is one difference this time. The Palestinians have declared that they plan to use their upgraded status to initiate a new front against Israel, international lawfare (as if they aren’t already doing it on a smaller scale). And yes, Peace Now and Michael Sfard are likely to help them with their latest war by translating and transferring the Judea/Samaria phone book to countries around the world, thus helping the Palestinians persecute and prosecute all Settlers (including families in Gilo and the Old City, but that's only the first step towards eventually also going after those also living in Tel Aviv).

That’s going to make an uncomfortable situation for Israel, and will require we waste more resources learning to defend ourselves against this new terror strategy, instead of building our country, but we’ll get past it, like we always do. And they will continue to use donor money to try to destroy our state instead of building theirs, like they always do.

But think about it, reciprocity is a great weapon.

Once they’re a state (even under “occupation”), the Geneva convention does not allow their citizens to use violence or force against Israel to fight the "occupation", that would open them up to war crime charges in the same courts they plan to attack us in (not that there would be equal/fair treatment). But in fact, it opens them up to more liability then they have now because it would place more obligations on their behavior (assuming they would be considered a signatory of course). I wonder if they thought about that?

But that’s not my point here.

Personally, I don’t believe they are capable of “non-violent” protests, no matter how much the media (or their Lefty friends) choose to portray their violence as non-violent. In a few more days we’ll see if things start to escalate into yet more violence on their part.

And that’s not my point either. I was simply thinking, what steps Israel can take in response?

The most obvious is immediately annexing all of Area C (which resolves the Peace Now problem mentioned above). Let them have their mini-terror State in A (for a little while at least). Again, the territories in question are disputed (even though they all really belong to Israel).

But that’s minor; Annexing is effectively more declarative than anything else.

The real steps Israel can take is breaking ties and letting them know in advance this is what we’ll do.

No more tax collection or fund transfers, no more electricity, no more working in Israel, just to name a few ideas.

“Declaration of War” you say? No less then their announcement that they plan to attack us in the Hague as soon as they can.

It will lead to the collapse of the PA?

Good. Let it. All these countries want a Palestinian State? Well, then let them pay for it, and take responsibility for it.

It’s not our problem. We had a treaty, they broke it (many times). We’re not interested in dealing with them anymore. They've got a state, we have a border conflict with them, but they certainly aren't our responsibility.


Anarchy will reign, terror will rise, Hamas will take over, the PA will collapse because it has no infrastructure (despite years of investments), blah blah blah blah blah…

Yes, and then maybe the IDF can get back to its real job of defending Israel against Arab terrorism, rather than acting as the PA’s prop and interlocutor in the government.

The sad truth is, the government already knows all of this, it’s just the will that is lacking to take the necessary steps, until it will be too late for them to be effective.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, there's already an article in the JPost saying that the ''Defense Establishment'' opposes any halt in the transfer of funds to the PA. They are afraid ''security cooperation'' will be affected.
This country is led by morons.
In the last 20 years, they've turned us into a country of losers.
Our political elite & I include the upper echelons of the IDF, are worthless appeasers, they're paralyzed. I laugh whenever someone calls the Likud ''Right-wing'' or ''hardliners'' or better & more laughable, ''hawks'' .....
Chicken-hawks would be more accurate.

Terry, Eilat-Israel

rrW said...

I am expecting a big regional war sometime here soon - maybe even this week.
Whatever happens in the UN this week - there will be riots here - If they get their vote - they will riot in order to 'claim' it - if they don't get their vote, they will riot in a 'Yom Za'am+'. So violent riots will occur here this week.
If a response by Tzahal or some people in J+S trying to protect themselves causes some of these terrorists to be killed - there will be more violence - probably down south and also up north by Hizbulla. Syria, will probably join in, in order to take the focus off its own problems. Possibly Egypt also will join in 'passively' and then perhaps also Iran will seize the moment to stir up trouble too. Turkey also, not wanting to miss out, might send warships to the med in order to 'help out'.
We will be left on our own.
The EU will claim, it is all our fault. The US and State Dept will turn their backs on us (like they did to Mubarak - and look what happened there) - and as I wrote we will be left on our own to fight.
So all I can say is "Hazak Ve'ematz" - we are entering dangerous and interesting times, and the future of the Jewish People and Israel lies in the coming weeks.

Anonymous said...

What day this week are you expecting all this to happen ? I want to book a flight early on Daka90 while there's still seats available.

Ben said...

I have no faith in the Israeli government doing what's necessary to defend the country. A strong Arab front might bring the imbeciles in the government back to reality so this "Palestinian" statehood bid isn't necessarily a bad thing.

NormanF said...

I agree with Terry. Israel's government is too afraid of what Obama and the EU think to defend Israel's national interests.

Its much safer to demolish homes in Migron. Defenseless Jewish families can't strike back!

Anonymous said...


Did you see the video clip of the demolition of those homes at Migron? It was so sickening, it brought tears to my eyes.
In any case, years of political appointments in the IDF have created a military more ''dovish'' than the spineless politicians.

Terry, Eilat-Israel

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

Your main mistake is assuming that international law can be used by Israel just like it can by the Arabs.
A law is only as effective as the people willing to enforce it.
The same ICC which will happily entertained any so-called Palestinian motion against Israel will ignore or dismiss corresponding Israeli petitions.
The same UN that will find time to condemn Israel's aggression against the new "state" will ignore any Arab aggression against Israel.
Look at "Cast Lead" where Hamas was given carte blanche to attack Israel while any attack of Israeli defence was condemned as disproportionate.

josh said...

What happens to the PLO observer seat in the UN? Will there be a PLO observer seat and a Palestine seat as well? And what about Gaza? When will it demand to be a state?

Kol Chai radio Arab affairs correspondent reported that Abu Mazen pissed off Hamas this week. It seems that Mazen has no interest in making any sort of unity government in the near future.

This is one big stupid show, and the world is taking it in at face value. Pathetic.

%Shocked% said...

Perhaps I missed something, but isn't one of the most contentions points the "Right of Return"? Isn't that something that's been holding everything up aside from how the land would be apportioned? If that is the case, then your solution accomplishes nothing. So they'll calm down in their state and have everyone pouring across the "border" with who knows what. Good luck tagging that onto the government as an excuse to go to war with them...

Anonymous said...

I work for Dan Rather Reports and I'm doing a story on Jewish emigration to Canada. I want to speak to you; email

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i'm leaving this message on any pro-Israel blogs i come across. there is a blog site that is loaded with confrontations and demonstration Youtube videos between pro-Israel activists and supporters of terror in the San Francisco Bay Area. yes there is support for Israel here and you are not alone! the blog consists of minimal text with mostly just just preview photos and Youtube links. i will be updating this blog with more videos over the course of the next few days. leave a comment if you want to get in touch and network or otherwise just enjoy the videos as we stick it too the Israel bashers like we did recently at a pro-palestinian parade contingent in Berkeley CA. on the 10th Anniversary of 911

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

damn URL was incomplete in the first comment:

Anonymous said...

Love the name of this band, but they actually are a real tiger, no phoniness here. Nicely done.
stop snoring

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