Tuesday, September 06, 2011

It's a two-way street you Turkey

Turkey has now officially cut all trade ties with Israel. Earlier this week they terrorized some Israeli/Jewish businessmen at their airport. They are kicking out most of Israel's diplomats tomorrow. And they've been hinting at using naval force against the IDF at sea.

To begin with, Turkey has a lot more to lose than Israel does, so if they want to shoot themselves in the face, that's their business. It's been clear that they've wanted to rejoin the Arab third world, and have been pushing to leave modern society for a while and become an Iranian sock-puppet.

Of course, there are consequences that perhaps they aren't considering. First of all, not only will they likely be kicked out of NATO (which they should be anyway) if they try any naval shenanigans against Israel, but NATO might even be obligated to come to Israel's defense if Turkey tries anything.

Secondly, this is a two way street. Turkey wants to support Hamas. Israel can start showing their support for Turkey Occupied Cyprus, for Turkey Occupied Western Armenia, and even for the oppressed Kurds.

In fact, Israel might go to the Hague to demand that Turkey get out of Cyprus and the other lands they are illegally occupying. Not to mention free all their Kurdish Prisoners of Conscience.

We might want to start exposing their war crimes against the Kurds (which we should do anyway). We will want to better publicize the Armenian Genocide that Turkey perpetrated.

You know what? Reading the above, you realize that Turkey is not such a nice country after all. Who wants 'em.

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aparatchik said...

Turkey is a shithole but why would NATO be obligated to defend Israel from them?

NormanF said...

This is no longer the Turkey Kemal Ataturk founded in the 1920s. An Islamist Turkey is not going to admitted to the EU anytime soon.

JoeSettler said...

I read the most interesting explanation why it would, and now I can't find it. :(

Put that sentence in parenthesis int he meantime.

rental mobil jakarta said...

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Brad said...

Turkey is also throwing away lots of tourism income from Israelis. I say good riddance and dont let the door hit'ya on the way out!

Raz said...

I believe that with the upheavals in the Arab world, Turkey is sensing a new opportunity. They really want to bring back the Ottoman Empire and to once more be the major force in the Islamic world. Their changing attitude towards Israel is just the first step towards this goal.

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