Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The "Jewish Authority"

In a full frontal attack this week, Haaretz and Rabbi Yoel Bin-Nun have joined forces to attack the newly formed, “Jewish Authority” -- "JA"

Haaretz doesn’t surprise me, since anything with a connection to Judaism or the Land of Israel is automatically the antithesis of “Haaretz”.

I find it simply amazing that other people, like R’ Yoel Bin-Nun reject the idea, without even having a basic understanding of what the JA is about.

First of all, the JA exists to fill any vacuum created by the State of Israel. It is not competition to the State, and alternative of the State, or in conflict with the State. Rather, in the event that the State of Israel abandons any part of the Land of Israel, the JA announces that it will take possession of it within the process of self-determination.

On behalf of the Jewish people, the JA will take possession of any area relinquished by the State of Israel. The idea is mostly declarative, yet it is leverage against the Palestinian Authority.

Haaretz immediately took this idea and warped it into a terrorist organization, and combined it ideologically with the “price tag” actions that extremists perform.
Jewish authority has taken shape on the West Bank, and its goal is to replace the state as a sovereign authority, and eventually also perhaps to supplant the authority of the IDF. We are not talking about the Yesha Council, which "bows down" to government authorities, but rather the creation of a new insanity that will sponsor terror organizations under its wing.

"Instead of a governmental authority which operates to gleefully crack the skulls of Jewish youths, instead of what the state calls 'the rule of law,' there are now Jews who stand up, with the blood racing through their veins. They are not keeping mum as their land is being destroyed. We Jewish citizens who reside in strips of land designated for annexation to an artificial enemy state, to be abandoned to the authority of such a state declare that this will never happen. No, we refuse to be expelled; we refuse to be abandoned and to allow our land to be betrayed. Sovereignty and responsibility! Rights and obligations!"

This is how Bar-Ilan University Prof. Hillel Weiss lays the ideological founding for the settlers' military wing. For the purpose of carrying out this ennobling concept, the establishment of a "Jewish Authority" (parallel to the Palestinian Authority ) was declared this week; its objective is to replace the sovereign authority of the state of Israel, "which is disavowing its responsibility as a Jewish state founded for the Jews, and which chooses to serve the enemy of the Jewish people."

Statements published by the headquarters for the "rescue of the Jewish people and the land of Israel" indicate that hundreds of settler representatives were present at the founding conference of this new Jewish Authority, which was held at the Nofim settlement. Participants included Yitzhak Shadmi, Rabbi Michael Ben Horin, Rabbi Shalom Dov Wolpo, Yitzhak Feldman (a leader of the Haredim for Judea and Samaria group. ).
The stunning leap from “declaring an ideological infrastructure” to connecting it to “price tag” actions is beyond belief.
The ideological infrastructure is consolidating, and its political goals are being supported by an organizational framework. No, this is not a political party. A party is a detested concept that is required to vie with other parties, and contend with contrasting outlooks and heed the laws of the state, laws which the "infrastructure" does not respect. From this point on, the "infrastructure" will serve as a sovereign authority.

As a source of authority, it will require tools of enforcement. Tools which are not operated by organs of the state of Israel, such as the IDF or the police. It will establish its own enforcement framework, one whose essential parts are already ready to go full swing. Members of the "price tag" gangs may not wear uniforms, but they have in their possession firearms, some of which are IDF property, and they have an abundance of targets to attack.
Haaretz seems to have forgotten how the Zionist Enterprise began…and that the JA isn’t intent on taking away any authority from the State of Israel.
With criminal ease, this phenomenon can be ignored, or dismissed as a deluded organization preoccupied with ridiculous visions conjured up by persons who have not taken their medication. Even if these people are serious, one might say, they are still dealing with matters on some far-off reservation. One might keep ignoring this up to the point where it turns out, if it hasn't already turned out, that they really hold authority in the state of Israel. Do you remember how the "settlement enterprise" began?
Haaretz would much rather spew their poison that bother evaluating the actual proposal at hand.

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NormanF said...

I like the proposed flag. I feel the lion of Judah should coincide with the biblical territory of the tribe of Judah. It should be the official flag of the proposed autonomous Jewish Authority. The Jewish people, contra Haaretz have the right of self determination. There are 22 Arab states. Why should the Jews have only one country? For much of Jewish history, the Jews had two countries! We would simply be return to a previous historical precedent.

Anonymous said...

According to your link, the group refers to the state of Israel as "the enemy of the Jewish people". A great leap to connect it to "price tag" actions? If anything this is way more extreme than the "price tag" idea.

Needabreak said...

So, the new Kingdom Of Yehuda? Sounds good to me, where do i sign up?

Lurker said...

Anonymous @ 11:22 PM: According to your link, the group refers to the state of Israel as "the enemy of the Jewish people".

No, it does not. It says that the State of Israel "chooses to serve the enemy of the Jewish people".

Nachum said...

Meir Kahane had this idea years ago- the State of Judea. Flag (I still have one), founding conference, the works. Didn't get far, but the Left loved to demonize it and still does.

This flag looks Chabad-produced, but that's not surprising.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, whats up with the chabad menorah?

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