Wednesday, September 14, 2011

With Equality for Some.

In the ongoing war for the character and soul of the Jewish State, The "New" Israel Fund won an important victory today.

The NIF Website proudly announced:
Israel’s Supreme Court has ordered the village of Rakefet, located in Northern Israel, to allocate land for housing to a young Arab couple, Fatina and Ahmed Zubeidat. The ruling comes ahead of a final verdict by the Supreme Court challenging the existence of regional selection committees, which determine whether applicants are “suitable residents” for the country’s rural Jewish villages.

The petition to the Supreme Court was submitted on behalf of the Zubeidats by attorneys from Adalah: Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel. Other members of the NIF family joining the petition are: Arab Center for Alternative Planning; Bimkom: Planners for Planning Rights; Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance; Another Voice in the Galilee; and Mizrachi Democratic Rainbow (Hakeshet).
Under the guise of "democracy" and "rights for all", the New Israel Fund has managed to convince the High Court to force small Jewish communities to accept Arabs as well.

If the New Israel Fund really cared about rights for all people in Israel, they would also be at the forefront of allowing Jews to live in Jaffa/Yaffo (the twin city of Tel-Aviv).

Instead, Jews who wish to move to Yaffo are branded as settlers and colonizers.

Here's a video of Israeli Leftists Promoting Islamic Apartheid, saying "No Jews In Jaffa"...

They are shouting "no to racism" in Hebrew, but at the same time they are shouting "Jews out" in arabic.

Iran doesn't need to target the Jewish State. NIF is destroying it day by day.

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Holy Hyrax said...

How hard it would it be to get some more translations of what they are saying? Surely you must have some translator on your payroll Jameel

simon, modiin said...

why shouldnt a citizen of the state of Israel live where they like wether it be Tel Aviv, Rakefet, Modiin or Abu gosh ?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Simon from Modiin: Why are Kibbuztim allowed to decide who moves in and who doesnt, but a small community can't?

Nachum said...

Is that Khenin of Chadash speaking? Useful idiot.

simon said...

jameel according to your logic you would think its ok for a small community in the US to decide that Jews cant live there ?

Keeping you out said...

Gated Community

simon said...

and would you be so supportive of a gated community that does not allow jews to be residents ? or would you be crying out anti-semitsm ?

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