Thursday, May 01, 2008

Extremist Attack Ehud Barak

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The Shabak again failed to protect a minister in the Israeli government as extremists managed to reach Defense Minister Barak and physically assault him (and curse him too).

Something must be done against these radical extremists. Laws must be passed. Those kippa-wearers should be ashamed to walk the streets.

This kind of violence will lead to murder.

Have we learned nothing from the Rabin murder?!


What was that you say?

They weren’t extreme Right-wingers?

They were secular members in good standing of the Left-wing Labor party?

Oh. Well.

In that case it was just a party debate. Barak was never in any danger.


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Lurker said...

In the handwringing portion of your post, you neglected to include the obligatory statement:

"Have we learned nothing from the Rabin murder?!"

Anonymous said...


YMedad said...

Haaretz though went bonkers and had it on the front page.

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