Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Learn To Shoot

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Like most Rapid Response Teams in the Judea region (not to mention other special security forces), I’ve done some training at the Caliber 3 shooting range.

Let me tell you, compared to most IDF training bases, this place is heaven. Soda machines, bathrooms, running water, concrete floors, and ceiling netting (for shade). You couldn’t ask for a nicer outdoor range. (And if you’ve only shot in an indoor range, you’re in for a surprise, it’s a completely different experience).

Anyway, the owners of the Caliber 3 Shooting Range have opened up their training services to the general public.

They are offering a special 2 hour package for tourists visiting Israel (or you wanna-be settlers in Beit Shemesh).

The package includes explanations of the security situations Israelis face, examples of different anti-Terrorist techniques, and of course the fun part - Shooting pistols and machine guns.

The program is open to individuals, groups, and families. You can see from the photos on their site that everyone is having a great time.

Of course they’re having a great time. They shooting M-16s and Glock pistols.

Why do you think half the people on the RRTs join up in the first place?

So head on over to their website and learn first hand what it is like to protect a settlement and fight a terrorist.

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Mikeage said...

You mean Bet Shemesh residents like this guy?


Besides, if your idea of fun is a Glock, I'll pass. I miss the .357; fun _and_ good exercise at the same time :) [and I never managed to jam one, which is more than I can say for most automatics...]

JoeSettler said...

That's exactly who I was thinking of when I wrote the post.

I wrote about that guy a while back over here

Lion of Zion said...

"machine guns"

i think you mean automatic rifles?

and this is an israeli experience? shooting m-16s and glocks? how about some old uzis and galil(on)s:

Lion of Zion said...


do you not like automatics in general or glocks in particular? if the latter, could you please email me offline at arisblog@yahoo.com (and leave a comment anywhere on my blog telling me to check that account)

JoeSettler said...

Yeah, but to the layman and automatic rifle and machine gun are the same.

I don't like Glocks either, and therefor I don't have one. But it is very common in Israel as a "combat" pistol.

I want to upgrade to either a Springfield XD, perhaps a Taurus Millenium Pro, or a Steyr which I find very comfortable to hold. They all look interesting.

The back of the hill said...

My first girlfriend took me out to the gun range several times - Oakland, 1979 through 1980. Learned to shoot kinda decently.

Got intensive fire-arms instruction in 1983 before going out to Mindanao for the first time. Never had to use it. But it was helpful in telling me how the NPA and the PC were at using their weapons. Which was not very. Philippinos use bullets with the same generous abandon as a whore uses a can of cootch-away.

That makes it all the more surprising that they managed to whack Benino Aquino - even at such close range.

Anonymous said...

Get a 1911!! from colt or kimber.. I shoot my 1911 in america sometimes 500 rounds in 1 range trip.. never jammed! plus you cant beat the 1911 parts wise.. i got awsome grips and its amazingly easy to clean.

When I get my gun license here (iy'h soon its in appeal) i'm getting a 1911

Miami Vending Machines said...

It is very common in Israel as a "combat" pistol.
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