Sunday, October 10, 2010

10:10:10 10/10/10 - Cool Post of the Century

I remember that hot and muggy summer day in Baltimore, on July 7th, when my grandfather asked me to write the date on a piece of paper.

I think it was a Sunday, and I scribbled it on the side of the comics page: 7/7/77.

"Cool", I thought to myself.

What better way to commemorate that, than to post this at 10:10 AM on 10/10/10.

The next coolest date I can think of is for a Bat Mitzva at 12 PM on 12/12/12.

And now back to the mundane life of the Middle East...

A good week to all,


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Anonymous said...

Now you have to install Ubuntu 10.10

Anonymous said...

10/10/10 is 42 in binary :)
Today all the world's questions will be answered.

realRightWinger said...

the second hand on the clock is off by 25secs - shame

Renegade said...

should've posted it at 10:10:10...

Gregory the Antisemite said...

What about last year's 09/09/09?

and the year before 08/08/08?

and in just 1 year it will be 11/11/11!

So remind me again why we should care about the arbitrary date that follows the calendar established by a man who hated the Jewish people. In 1577 Pope Gregory XIII decreed that all Roman Jews, under pain of death, must listen attentively to the compulsory Catholic conversion sermon given in Roman synagogues after Friday night services. On New Years Day 1578 Gregory signed into law a tax forcing Jews to pay for the support of a “House of Conversion” to convert Jews to Christianity. On New Years 1581 Gregory ordered his troops to confiscate all sacred literature from the Roman Jewish community. Thousands of Jews were murdered in the campaign.

4 Heshvan,5771

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