Sunday, October 10, 2010

UK: Muslim Policeman Excused from Guarding Israeli Embassy

While people are up in arms here in Israel about the evil "Jewish" character of the State, policemen in Israel have to guard everyone.

Not so in the liberal [non-Jewish] democracy of England. In England, a Muslim policeman was excused from guard duty of the Israeli embassy due to his religious sensibilities.

In Israel, I know policemen that have resigned instead of carrying out duties they disagreed with.

In the UK, if you disagree (and happen to be Muslim), then everything's ok and they will reassign you to a different task.

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NormanF said...

The same British who make a big fuss over Israel's proposed loyalty oath.

Apparently, your religion can excuse you from serving your country loyally. But that's what Israelis have to put up with from a dhimmi Europe.

Shmilda said...

Despite the recent rash of fb posts showing the Fox News editorial, this story is from 2006:

Unknown said...

This was shameful and pathetic. There was an investigation into it straight away, but the outcome of that i could not find. I sincerely hope it did not become a precedent, and that the distinction between private views and obligations of public service have been made clear to this individual

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