Thursday, October 07, 2010

Which Newspaper is Lying?

Clearly, both of these utterly opposite stories cannot be true. Either the Jerusalem Post or Haaretz is completely misrepresenting and inverting what Kitty Schenker (wife of Hadassah-University Medical Center obstetrician and gynecologist Prof. Joseph Schenker ) said about Nobel Prize winner Dr. Robert Edwards.

Jerusalem Post, today:

How Nobel laureate went from Israel opponent to admirer

Nobel Prize in Medicine winner Dr. Robert Edwards’s antipathy for the Jews of Palestine dissolved into great admiration for the Jewish state in 1989, thanks to a two-hour car tour with Kitty Schenker, the wife of Hadassah-University Medical Center obstetrician and gynecologist Prof. Joseph Schenker, who had invited him to a Jerusalem conference on in-vitro fertilization.
"From then on, he had changed views of Israel," Schenker recalled.
Haaretz, today:

Nobel-winning IVF pioneer has little love for his No. 1 consumer - Israel
"In 1946, he began his service at the Tzrifin army base [near present-day Rishon Letzion], where he belonged to a special unit," said Professor Joseph Shenkar, an associate of Edwards and formerly the director of obstetrics and gynecology at Hadassah University Hospital, Ein Karem.

"During a retaliatory operation carried out by the Etzel underground, five officers from his unit were kidnapped and executed near Netanya. Since then, he has not expressed a fondness for the Zionist homeland, and his attitude toward Israel became chilly."
Lying or intentionally misrepresenting Israel? I'd put my money on Haaretz.

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