Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Guilt by Association

I just mailed in my absentee ballot.

Without a doubt this was the most difficult election I ever voted for.

Normally I vote for a candidate based on their positions and record (with Israel and Economics being the most important to me).

I normally wouldn’t even consider their party affiliation.

But I couldn’t do that this election.

It far too important for the future of America and Israel that the Obama fail in everything he does, and that means the Democrats must lose control over the Senate and Congress.

Based on current polls of the upcoming election, the majority of America understands that too.

I’ve never voted a protest vote before. I’ve always voted for the candidates I like, even if they have no chance of getting in.

As usual, I carefully reviewed each candidate’s positions.

The first Republican challenger I liked a lot, but the Democratic incumbent has a very solid record of supporting Israel (not that I agree with his interpretation on what support actually means, but I believe he sincerely views himself as pro-Israel). But ultimately this Democratic incumbent only offered an understated reaction to Obama’s awful treatment of Israel and he took his sweet time before he offered it.

If he had stood up earlier and said more, my decision would have been much more difficult (or perhaps even different), but as they say, “too little, too late”.

I wasn’t impressed with the second Republican candidate at all. In fact, I disliked his positions on numerous, though not primary, issues. But lucky for him, I was even less impressed with most of the positions of the Democratic incumbent. So this Republican candidate grudgingly got my vote too.

The third Democratic incumbent was OK on Israel, but his economics were horrible, I mean really horrible.

His Republican competitor is a bit of an unknown, but he’s weighed in on all the major issues, and I like many of his positions. That was an easy decision.

From the three candidates I voted for, I would have voted for two of them anyway.

The third selection was my way of voting against the Obama and for America.

I hope my vote will help.

God bless America.

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Anonymous said...

It won't, former Blue State resident.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry thankfully Paladino won't win.

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