Friday, October 08, 2010

A free phone for Israel


Here's another reason to visit Israel.

You can now get a free phone which you can keep with you forever. There's no annual fees, no signup fees. No rental fees. You keep it. Pass it on to friends. Whatever. It's yours.

First of all, if you're flying El Al, the phone is free (if you're flying economy, it's actually 1 phone per couple, but otherwise its 1 phone per individual). You just need to ask your travel agent for the free phone when you book your ticket - but I was told to mention that there is some time and number limit on the number of free phones, so it's better to ask for it now if you're planning on coming for Chanuka or Pesach.

And if you need a second phone, El Al will sell you one at a very reduced price (I assume through the travel agent, but I forgot to ask before I wrote the post).

If you're not flying El Al, you can still buy one online (they have a form for a $25 promo coupon on the site).

Last year I needed some prepaid phones for business, but these per minute rates are much cheaper. Even the phone costs less than the generic throwaways I bought.

Like the Talkman and BigTalk, it's a prepaid phone, so there are no end of the month surprises.

Where were you guys a year ago?

(The name of the company running the promotion is Jerusalem First Class Phones)

Get a Free Phone when you visit Israel!
Ask your travel agent for details, or click here to learn more.

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