Saturday, October 09, 2010

Erev Shabbat Rock Attacks.

Just a regular Friday afternoon in Silwan, where Arab kids stone Jewish cars.

This time, a kid got hurt. I wonder why Goldstone hasn't condemned the driver.

The JPost Reports:
Two Arab children from the Silwan neighborhood of Jerusalem were injured after they were hit by a car driven by Elad director David Be’eri. Be’eri, head of a group that advocates for Jewish families to live in the predominantly Arab neighborhood, claimed that the youths were throwing rocks at his car and he hit them accidentally in an attempt to flee from the area.

“His car was surrounded with tens of people with rocks,” Elad spokesman Udi Ragones told The Jerusalem Post. “When they started throwing them, and he hit them when he tried to flee from the area. It seems that they were lying in wait and the ambush was planned with rocks, it may have even been a lynch situation. He felt his life was in danger.”

hat-tip: Walid

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Walid said...

Did you catch that evacuation? He was handled more gently by Be'eri.

Anonymous said...

Wow, notice how no one is accountable for the kids' actions. And then suddenly ALL the adults knew EXACTLY WHAT HAD HAPPENED. Must be they tell the kids, "GO throw rocks at any Israeli cars you see come thru here."

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